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  1. Hello All, Tried to search and couldn’t find much info on my issues unless I’ve missed it. I have been encountering some “weird” issues in terms of ground handling or perhaps it’s me or my setup. I’ve noticed the nose wheel doesn’t seem to respond at all utilizing rudder deflection even to a limited degree. The only way I’m able to get the nose wheel to respond is by differential braking as if it’s free castoring to a degree. Is this accurate or has anyone experienced this? If not no worries. Thanks!
  2. ***Update Hello Sir, I removed all of the plugins as per your instructions and no longer encountered the Yaw Damper issue, I was then able to just re add ASConnect module for activesky and am currently halfway through a flight. Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Good Morning, I have been having the strangest issue of the Yaw Damper activating since 1.1.6. With a complete cold and dark aircraft as soon as I hit the crash bar i receive the warning of the Yaw Damper becoming active even after turning it off it turns on. I've double checked my controls to make sure I didnt have anything that was assigned. As per the checklist the Yaw Damper is off even before I land. However, just to rule out the aircraft persistence feature I created a new airframe. Unfortunately with no success. I have also uninstalled, deleted all instances of the TBM in the xplane directory and reinstalled. When I saw 1.1.7 released I performed an uninstall deleted all folders and reinstalled with no luck i've also performed a forum search as well with no avail. Therefore I figured I'd post this in case someone else is having the same issue or perhaps I may have missed something. Thanks! (I remembered reading that you only need one of the logs however, I forget which one. My apologies.) TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  4. How do we go about accomplishing this? I am unable to find a command in xplane to assign a key to.
  5. *Updated* I ended up starting fresh without an overlay it seems to have worked now just have to figure out how to get rid of these tress on the tarmac.
  6. Hello All, I normally don't do much posting, but since my searches have bore no fruit i figured this issue i've been having might be helpful in the future. After following the tutorial videos for WED I attempted to add two facades at KPIB however after adding the facades and selecting exporting scenery pack I start up X-plane only to be greeted with "Illegal dsf point type, Make sure your extension is .obj or .agp." Any ideas on this? I havent done anything that was not instructed by the tutorial "at least I don't think i did" any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :-)
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