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  1. Makes sense. I think also this is a FIKI aircraft and has A/C which add weight to the package as well.
  2. Thanks for confirming that. The blue box on the load manager does indeed coincide with the 3,400 lb. weight, but the scale goes to 3,600 lb. and you're able to load to this weight - and above - without the load manager giving you any warning. I actually loaded to 3,600 lbs. with two pax and full tanks. With 3,400 lbs and to 200 lb adults in the front, you'd be hard pressed to do anything with 4 pax and fuel to the tabs. That you can do in the 3,600 lb version so as always, have to be mindful of weight! I feel like I'm in the 172 that I fly now. As for the POH, I can certainly reference w
  3. Ok. looking at the SR22 Load Manager, I think I am wrong. I believe it is 3,600 MTOW. The blue box was throwing me off. I believe that depicts the max zero fuel weight of 3,400 lbs?
  4. First off, this is a totally awesome airplane - right up there with my other favorite X-Plane GA, the TBM 900. I'm trying to find the right POH that matches our 3,400 LB MTOW for the SR22-TN online. While I've found plenty, most are for the 3,600 Lb. version. I wanted to confirm that our aircraft appears to be a pre-2013 model with the lower 3,400 Lb. MTOW? Curious if there are plans to release an "updated" 3,600 Lb. model? It seems with all the extra items in the SR22-TN I'm hitting MTOW with two adults and fuel only filled to the tabs.
  5. I'm looking for deeper understanding of the Crash Bar Lever. When on the ground and nothing else is connected to the electrical and following the checklist, you raise the crash bar. This has the effect of powering on the backup AHRS and G1000 display 1. The CAS message "BAT OFF" is displayed which means the main bus is powered by something other than the Battery. Question: Does raising the Crash Bar actually power an ESS BUS allowing the G1000 and AHRS to turn on? I see the next checklist item from the Daher manual is "ATIS COPIED". You wouldn't be able to do this if the G1000 and radios
  6. Agree on option to remove via maintenance module, similar to passengers.
  7. I share the same opinion as others on this thread that the ground modeling of X-Plane is affecting stability on the takeoff run. I am familiar with my all-time favorite single engine turbine, the Pilatus PC-12, and own this for XP as well. I don't have the same issues with this model but that doesn't mean that the TBM is bad, or the PC-12 is "correct". I just went out and did some touch and go's with the TBM using the latest patch and the first run down the runway wasn't bad at all. I veered a little at first but was able to stay very near centerline the rest of the takeoff run. Cleaning up th
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