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  1. BBJdriver


    Hi I tried everything including the XP main sound menu, reinstallation of the 737 etc. All other aircraft work as advertised except the 737. This problem started after downloading the latest version of the aircraft. Thanks anyway
  2. BBJdriver


    Hi all, I have the same problem. No sound in the cockpit, no sound outside, very quiet aircraft... More seriously, is there any fix for this problem ? Preferences menu does not change anything. Thanks and happy flying
  3. Thanks a lot ! Works fine now. As I said before, great airplane. Cheers
  4. Hi folks, Just purchased the new BN 2 T. Great airplane, comparable to your "regular" BN 2. Just one big problem: The HSI shows 180° deviation from the magnetic compass and is therefore unusable for navigation. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks and happy landings
  5. Great ! thanks a lot, it works ok now Happy landings
  6. I have the same problem, loks like no instrument lights at all...
  7. The installer for Mac (OSX Catalina) doesn't work. When I double click on it as usual, nothing happens. Could anyone help?
  8. BBJdriver


    Recently purchased the CRJ 200, downloaded the installer, but it does not work. ( Mac OS 10.15.4 ). Can anyone help?
  9. Since I downloaded the new version, the pitch trim doesn't work any more. Can anybody help please?
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