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  1. Hello! In addition to known bugs, Beta lights do not light up immediately after landing. As a result, the power lever from flight idle to ground idle cannot be moved. There was no such problem in the previous version. Also, the main door can be closed when the stairs are released ... Next: the open door alarm on the overhead panel does not work (no illumination). Please check. Basically the update is great, thanks!
  2. Hello! New clouds do not reflect the landing lights at night. Why? It can be fixed? And also the cloud base is higher than indicated in METAP (for example OVC002 should be 200 feet + airport elevation, but in fact the cloud base is much higher ...) I appreciate your work on this product and I want the SMP to be the best !
  3. Hello! "Castom precipitation unavailable in Vulkan". This is annoying ... Are there any plans to restore "castom precipitation" in Vulkan?
  4. Dear oldflyguy! I am a true pilot, TRI, and I know very well how to read METAR, TAF, etc. For your information: 001 - 100 feet, 002 - 200 feet, ...., 015 - 1500 feet, ..., 034 - 3400 feet, etc. Vertical visibility for METAR, TAF in meters is not used. And 1100 is not a ceiling, it is horizontal visibility in meters. How to read and understand METAR, TAF correctly, I think you can use Google search.
  5. It depicts a landing approach under weather conditions: visibility of 1,100 meters, vertical visibility of 200 feet (according to ASXP, and voice ATIS confirmed this to me), but the ground and the runway are visible when the aircraft is well above 200 feet. I followed your recommendations, I also created weather conditions manually without ASXP, but I did not see a positive result. Nevertheless, I really like your product and I hope that this annoying problem will be resolved. Please experiment with your product at any airport with similar weather.
  6. one more ... ESPA 140750Z VRB02KT 1100 BR VV002 M00 / M00 Q1005 GizmoLog.txt Log.txt metar.rwx
  7. I am also a real pilot. And if I am preparing to land in difficult weather conditions (ovc002), and in fact, good weather is generated, then it saddens me ... I hope that this can be fixed. Otherwise, I really like SkyMaxx and RWC.
  8. I sent you files and screenshots to analyze my problem. Please pay attention to METAR (UUDD 070730Z 31003MPS 280V340 3200 -DZ BR OVC002 06/04 Q1007 R88 / 290042 NOSIG RMK QBB060) and the altitude at which I took the screenshots. The first screenshot with SkyMaxx enabled. The second - SkyMaxx is off (default clouds), which corresponds to real weather. I really hope that the problem will be solved and I will see the real weather with SkyMaxx !!! Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  9. Hello! I am using SkyMaxx Pro + RWC + ASXP. There is a problem: the base of clouds does not match the METAR data (2000 - 2500 feet higher) and it saddens me ... How can I solve this problem, what needs to be done? If this is not only my problem, will it be resolved in the near future?
  10. Hello. There is a problem of collaboration between Saab 340 1.5.1 and the Better Pushback plugin. The plugin cannot correctly execute the towing plan during turns. Is there any way to solve this problem?
  11. Thank you very much! Waiting for version 2.0. This is a wonderful aircraft!
  12. Good day. Another problem with the Saab 340 v1.5.1. When you move the condition lever(s) to the unbeater position there is a temporary overtemperature. This is an abnormal situation. It happens all the time. How to solve this problem? (Please watch the video). I think this is a bug of this version. LES_Saab_340A_1.mp4 GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
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