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  1. About mouse-drag to turn off auto-brake I will try next flight. Regarding framerate, that's weird. i usually run sim 35/50 fps. It would be nice to read other users comments. Btw, thanks for interest.
  2. Hi Jan Thanks for answering. Attach a link for showing the issue. Give a look at the end of video after turning off the autobrakes switch:
  3. Hi. After installing the last update I have been noticing the turning off autobrakes switch gets a quick overhang up or down. I've already flown several flights. Issue is still there. My question is: is all that normal ? Is there a way for fixing ?
  4. Make sure Airac installing correctly. Then, open XP, put your Aircraft at threshold of runway, open XP map, zoom the runway, click ils icon and radio nav 1 for updating the ils frequency. Wait for a couple of minutes. You don't modify any apt.dat or earthnav.dat. Don't get any damages. Sometimes, XP gets some help.
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