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  1. Hi! Just making my 1st flight with 1.31, and so far so good. I noticed that contrails while on idle power still come in front of the engines. Not a big deal in any case, but will you be able to fix it in the future? Thanks a lot!
  2. Just one question: do liveries from previous version work? Thanks!
  3. Remember that when there are altitude restrictions in the FMC with Above or Below, the VNV button won´t engage. Ex: if your FMC LEGS page reads MERSI 250/FL090A, just change /FL090A for /FL090. And the same with all this kind of restrictions. This way VNAV works pretty well and you will be able to engage it.
  4. One other method I use sometimes is set VS while watching the green arc which marks the bottom of your descent on the EHSI display. I then increase or decrease VS along this green arc in order to make it match my flightplan waypoints altitudes. I don’t know if I have explained it clear enough...
  5. Ok, made a flight this morning from LFBD to LICJ. All went like a charm. Everything looks in fine working order. In my case, this update has given me a little FPS increase... go figure! I would love to see VNAV DESC fully working, as it seems to work just as with previous version, but nothing I can´t manage with a LVL CHG or VS descent. All in all, a great product! Cheers!
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