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  1. Hi Ben, thanks for your reply . I clarify my specific situation. The problem with AI aircraft was a long time ago, this time I have not tried only with native AI. In fact, this problem was solved a long time ago, although later I had some more problem when I wanted to use AI and did not do any more tests. I just thought that the XP AI planes were wrong. But if there seems to be any type of conflict between Gizmo and AI planes (or maybe another common architecture, I don't know). See for example I am not stating with absolute certainty that that this problem is related to the problem of 737, but for my CTD it is certainly caused by Traffic Global + Gizmo and with both aircrafts. And if I'm not mistaken, both use Gizmo. By the way, Ben, I suppose it is better to install 737 and then the TBM or does the order not matter? Is it supposed that if I install TBM in the last place I have the latest version of gizmo? Is there a newer version? On the other hand, it seems that this problem has returned, I have not had time to review if it only happens with Traffic Global. In any case, i'm very happy to fly the 737 and the tbm900, although the skies are a bit empty ;-) If you need more data or tests, do not hesitate to ask me, I will try to help as much as I can.
  2. I have also had problems in the past and, in my case, these are always related in some way to AI aircraft. Finally I ended up deactivating the native AI of Xplane. However, I recently bought Traffic Global to try and then the problems started again. CTD almost constant with the IXEG737 and the TBM900. I decided to make a clean installation and I have determined without a doubt (again in my case) that the problem is that Gizmo has problems with any type of AI plane. Deactivating Gizmo or deactivating anything related to AI, everything returns to normal. In my case obviously I prefer to fly the 737 and the TBM, so I have deactivated (sine die?) Traffic Global. I hope that one day this will be solved, it's a shame to lose the traffic (and the money ;-)) Sorry for my English, I know it's horrible.
  3. The bug is solved !!!! Tests: Run X-Plane 11.20vr3 Load default C172 Load IXEG -> OK Load FF320 Load IXEG -> OK Load Aerobask Panthera Load IXEG -> OK All tests without restarting XP Great job @Ben Russell I send you some beers Make a backup of the previous one in another place. Remove the old Gizmo in XP and replace it with the new one. Do not copy over the old gizmo
  4. Sorry, I did not realize I was writing in the feed instead of PM

  5. Hi Cameron

    First of all I want to apologize for my bad English.

    I thought it more convenient to write to you privately so as not to flood the forum with similar reports.

    I just checked that if I load any plane first, including the default LR, I have the same error I mentioned in 

    For me it is not a problem, I just load the IXEG in the first place, but I wanted to inform you about it.

    As it is something that I have tried several times and I can reproduce it whenever I want, if you need logs or any other information let me know. I will be happy to help.


  6. More news with new Gizmo I have found a minor problem. It happens when I load the FF320 and then the IXEG (I have not tried other planes). If I load the IXEG in the first place, there is no problem.
  7. This time I have made things better. I've removed the old Gizmo and copied the new one instead. I made a short flight LEGE-LEGE without VR ADEP LEGE DEPRWY RW02 SID BGR5G ADES LEGE DESRWY RW02 STAR BGR1L APP Q02-Y Smooth as silk With MAX FPS I have achieved between 60-80 fps, the most frequent indication was around 68. Of course, no error in Gizmo (I did not have it before without VR) Then I restarted XP and activated VR with IXEG. I appeared in the aircraft cabin , but by accessing the menu in VR I have easily positioned myself in the cockpit. And most importantly, everything was seen OK in VR, the pilots did not come out, ... and neither XP nor Gizmo crashed. Question Should I put the old Gizmo back and wait for your next update or can I leave it as it is? I will continue right now to enjoy your excellent plane ...
  8. Yes, I'm afraid my test was too "quick and dirty" And you're right, I've overwritten the new one over the old one. Now I'm very busy, but later I'll eliminate that "mix", copy the new clean gizmo, make more serious tests and inform you.
  9. Quick and dirty test The FPS option is fantastic MAX FPS between 52-68 (which I can see because it changes very fast) SMOTH FPS between 48-50 I definitely stick with max fps I also had a problem with XP11.20VR3 and it is that I got an error very similar to the second @Rossicev capture ONLY in VR. Now, when I activate VR XP crashes. I'm not complaining, I know everything is beta and anything can happen (Steam beta, Oculus beta, XP beta ... what could go wrong? ) Attached files in case it can be useful GizmoLog.txt Log.txt PS: Later I will do more tests. I inform you
  10. I understand that things are moving continuously and very fast. No complaint on my part. If indeed that is the problem I will wait for the update or the patch. Unfortunately I can not return to the previous XPlane version because I just ordered my Oculus Rift. I do not plan to use it in complex aircraft like the IXEG, I do not think it is possible to handle it reasonably well by resolution issues, etc. but I want to test it in general aviation. Thanks again Ben, great support. PS: If you need any more data or any test let me know
  11. I just saw what's happening to more people
  12. Thanks Ben So it seems like a problem on my part? I have been flying for months and I have not had a single problem. Only yesterday, when I realized this issue, I decided to try reinstalling it. The funny thing is that it seems to have coincided with the Xplane update. This is the structure of my folders, I do not see anything out of the ordinary. The xplane folder is on the desktop. Another fact is that I recently updated the 1713 navigraph cycle, but I think I've flown with it without issues and I do not think that's the reason. GizmoLog.txt
  13. After updating to X-Plane 11.20vr1 I realized that the digits are not there. I do not have any VR hardware. In the attached log there are several errors related to VR (normal), but there is other that seems strange to me: 0: 01: 35.003 W / ACF_CONFIG: ACF Config data file for Aircraft / X-Aviation / IXEG 737 Classic / B733_config.txt is not valid! I know it's a beta and possibly Laminar has broken something, but I wanted to inform you and know if there is a solution without having to go back to the previous version. I tried to reinstall the IXEG 737 but the problem is still there. Log.txt
  14. Hi, Jan.

    First of all, I apologize for my bad English. Complaints to Google; -)

    I just wanted to tell you about some tests I've done on the famous ILS 22 EDDC (IDRW)

    As you can see I have tried the default c172, giving some curious results but confirming what you say (I never questioned it).

    However, I've done some rapid tests with other planes (Aerobask, Flight Factory A320 Beta) and the frequency they show is 109.75
    Instead, JustFlight PA28 Arrow III works just like the C172.

    I haven't tried to follow the ILS for lack of time, but I'm sure tuning 109.75 won't work.

    It's just so you have more data, because I see that there's someone talking about other planes. It's not a complaint on my side.

    I have decided to write to you privately so as not to advertise other brands, I hope not to bother you.


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