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  1. Having not flown her for a while, I took the IXEG out for a flight - I was not caught out by having to momentarily pause whilst both engines spooled up independently to 50 - 55% N1 That, and watching the engine temps cool down exponentially are just some of the many details that still give me a smile when flying her. -Carl
  2. I will try this out when I next fly - looks interesting. Thanks!
  3. Interesting thread guys - thanks to all and esp. the OP for giving my brain another task to think about I'd had some ideas which need script to read CDU so I'll look when i next fly the IXEG. - Carl
  4. Version 26/08/18 is released. During start routine, set ignition to L if the cruise altitude (as read from pressurisation panel) is odd. R if even. -Carl
  5. Version 19/08/18 is released. Whilst cycling many miles in the country I had an idea - why not get the first officer to help setting the pressurisation panel standby altitude.... and so they do now - Carl
  6. Thanks for taking the time to review my script As you say we have a different taste on what we wanted to achieve - it's fantastic that we were able to do so in the IXEG. Yes I have seen you were releasing for the A320 - well done. I have another planned in the future, but not for the A320 Thanks again. - Carl
  7. Hi All, Please find a link to the manual & script of my first officer.... (s)he is a LUA script. Drop the LUA script into your LUA scripts folder https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46628-blocks_off-ixeg-first-officer/ The script will help you during high workload phases of flight. Preview Video (to supplement the manual) -Carl
  8. Thankyou - I should have said when I did not see the variables I require in the documentation I'd tried this tool. I'll have another look with a fresh pair of eyes - Carl
  9. Hi, Is there a variable for Panel Bright (left and right side), Background Bright please ? I assume it is not these (as they do not have _act at the end) ? "ixeg/733/lighting/light_main_pilot_side" "ixeg/733/lighting/light_main_copilot_side" - Carl
  10. Thanks - so this is of course why when in the air and switching off the centres the remaining few kilos are used ?
  11. Hi Before start, if there is less than 1000kgs in the centre tanks, I leave off the centre pumps until after take off (assuming of course there is fuel in centre!) I noticed for the first time, when I loaded the fuel I had 830kgs in the center and so the centre pumps were off. Taxiing out I did see a very small reduction - down to 800kgs just after take off. Assume some fuel still gets drawn from the centre in that case ? Thanks - Carl
  12. What I do is look at the MCP - the N1 button will be green (2 little green dots : ) Also on the PFD you will see ARM | | change to N1 | TOGA Once you get used to that, there is no need to look 'down' at the button. -Carl
  13. Hi I know you've (@development team) have mentioned that opening PAX doors is planned. When you do this, please can you consider keeping the simplicity that we have now - so for us wanting to get in the air quick (and who wouldn't want to with this plane ) an option not to have to open the cabin doors / or shut down down engines to change the ZFW / fuel respectively ? Thanks -Carl
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