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  1. Ive been a fan of Cameron and his products for years hes a stand up guy and always looking to satisfy his customers, Ill be on the front of the line for this one..
  2. where is the option to turn off heat blur?
  3. you are right so cool anyway how have you been? and as always your customer service is bar none.... congratulations to you and your staff.....
  4. Ok so I did the update no issues except now the screens are washed out looking , when you look at them without out power they are almost white.... Log.txt
  5. Cameron, Il definitely buying this bird, joe
  6. FYI I did a Windows 10 update yesterday wow what a mess, after calling Windows tech support I found it deleted my sound driver and the gizmo file, so the MU2 was asking me to re download it, I had no idea what to do first I tried reinstalling the MU2 but that didn’t work so I opened up a ticket but I found this and deleting the marker 1 file did the trick once again I have to thank Cameron for all his help, by the way Windows tech told it was a bug in the new update, these Windows updates can cause havoc joe
  7. Ok thank you that looks like a fantastic deal
  8. Are all the airports on sale? The reason why I’m asking I’d like to pick up Key West
  9. So I'm going to make a public apology I m sorry for any time I made Cameron put into my issue, I assure you Cameron it was not done with intent, but I generated a account with a typo in my user name which is my last name, I made this account at work using a Mac, than some time passed and I decided to make the purchase and used the sim computer and generated an additional account without my knowledge there was 2 accounts, he found it not me, and I'm sorry if I aggravated him, but its all on me I don't know what else to say
  10. We were on my computer using a screen share that's not allowed ?
  11. Cameron,

    today I had a session with a Pilot Edge instructor, he has the MU2 and is familiar with  it, he is a instructor for a flight school and works for Keith, I had him download the aircraft and according to him the download went fine, we jumped into the airplane and the throttles do not move every other switch works fine except the throttles I know you visited this once before  with me and you told me it was not activated and you thought possibly I was over my head, so I took it upon myself to ask someone else that is more knowledgeable than me, and he had the same results, I got the feeling that I was being a pain that's why I just left it, all I'm asking is for direction...


  12. I purchased this aircraft and I had a problem with the throttles moving. so today I had a flight session with one of PE's flight instructors, who is familiar with the MU2, I had him download it Xplane 11.10 and went through the normal steps, everything according to him went as it should have, it asked for my email address and password, which we entered, the plane loaded and the screen popped up stating the license was up to date, but the throttles do not move, can someone please give me some advise, the last time I was told it was not activated....I don't think that's the case
  13. so I deleted and re installed I find that the plane wont load unless you activate it you must provide your email and password before the plane loads into xplane 11 which I have done the first time, now what?
  14. Tassierob I need to activate ? Ive looked and looked no where does it ask me to activate, my license is up to date..... during the setup it asked me to give a unique name which I did. so where is this activation field ?
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