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  1. You're welcome
  2. Here is an update for you..... FlySafair.rar
  3. Hey guys, Here is another repaint from me. This time its the South African Airways cargo livery. SA Cargo operate 2 737-300's ZS-SBA and ZS-SBB. Enjoy! SAA Cargo.rar
  4. Just downloaded and installed the 1.07 zip file update and so far all looks great...no errors.....thanks so much guys!!
  5. So I've tried disabling all my plugins and it hasn't helped. I select the 737 from the aircraft list and as soon as it loads I get a console coming up with the error. The fuel gauges read zero, and the pop out menu is very erratic, the ground services button does not work at all. Sometimes I can select the Preflight button and I try and load fuel that way but the fuel doesn't get loaded and the engines die. The APU bleed also does nothing,no increase in N2... Any ideas would be welcome.....these problems weren't present in 1.06
  6. 1.07 update has made my 737 totally unflyable...engines will not start, gizmo errors, fmc errors, ground services won't work....is there a way to go back to 1.06?
  7. Just tried using the FMC too and I get the same error...so for now I can't fly
  8. After installing update 1.07 and rebooting I got the following error and the ground services no longer work..
  9. Thanks Tony, my pleasure
  10. I've done a repaint for the IXEG 737 in the livery of the low cost South African airline, FlySafair. ZS-JRL is a 737-400 in reality but I adapted it for the 737-300. Unzip the folder and drag to your X-Aviation liveries folder. Enjoy! FlySafair.zip
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