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  1. Could you please include NavDataPro from Aerosoft for NAV DATA? NavDataPro - One year subscription: 13 datasets | Aerosoft US Shop NavDataPro is an update service for navigational data for several Flight Simulator add-ons using an FMC or GPS data for their flights. The Nav Data itself is supplied by Lufthansa Systems and is used in real world aviation by more than 180 airlines throughout the world. As in real life aviation many users are aiming at conducting their simulated flights with the aid of real and up to date navigational data. Numerous add-ons use Nav data bases for Mic
  2. How could we get a current NAV DATA as we used to with Aerosoft?
  3. What options have if we use NavDataPro from Aerosoft? NavDataPro - One year subscription: 13 datasets | Aerosoft US Shop
  4. Mario Lopez

    PMDG Announces First X-Plane Project

    now that the PMDG DC6 is gone, could someone develop legally the XP11 version for sale?
  5. I just bought the Super Tucano but the FMC is off when all systems are on, how can I fix this issue? Sincerely, Mario
  6. I have found the following: Delete the marker.1 and (if present) the license_db.bin file located in your X-Plane/X-Aviation folder. I will try this after I land from a long flight! Thanks a lot! CAMERON Mario
  7. How could I re-install Gizmo? message: XP10 No ACF Loader - Please re-install Gizmo! any suggestion? GizmoLog.txt debug: 0.657: Firmware v17.08.08.0320 debug: 0.676: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 debug: 1.006: * gxt.refresh().. debug: 1.016: gxt: AutoLoading.. debug: 1.022: gxt.load: Console debug: 1.027: gxt.load: ToolTray debug: 1.032: gxt.load: HotFix debug: 1.039: gxt.load: Mute debug: 1.044: gxt.load: Preferences debug: 1.050: gxt.load: RebootButton debug: 1.055: gxt.load: Ga
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