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  1. We fully understand that can be very busy. I know you write that you should expect 3 days response time. I submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago, heard nothing from you (support). After a week, I have spit with new ticket asking ,if there has been time to look at my problem. Now another week has passed, and still no sign of life from support. what happens ? is all shut down due to corona. Or. Would be great if you get a message that you are looking at the matter, instead of waiting in the uncertain I bought a lot of add ons that I currently can not use. my e
  2. I have the same problem. My Pc got lock yesterday. I did make som change to my PC, I did upgrade my prossesor. And due Autorisation I got the machine ID Lock. Did write an mail, no answer yet, but only 3 days since..Hope for response soon. I did not share anything with others..? Mogens Jørgensen
  3. Yes got jar dessign plug in Tug master and Ground handling. just disabeled it via plug in admin, and now works .. Great . THX
  4. Hi Thank you for bringing a fantastic plane to xplane. Still some issues , after both hotfixes. I saw this in the fixes and “yes” I thought. Replays are now solved · Strobe lights now work in replay mode · Vertical Speed Indicator now works in replay mode Ect.. But no replays, just dos promt window, and Xplane crashes, no way of getting back but ctlr/ alt/ delete. Just me ?? I love replays, and hope this could
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