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  1. Ill try again and without any drama. I checked today and I had the same problem. Cant install any product hence I created a new support ticket again. Should I expect this be fix in 3 days?
  2. You should say thank you! Flip what? .... My edits are legit true. and because I'm not as BAD ass H#%$#$ as you are. I tried and you don't want to move on. FINE! and don't ever resolve anything as you wish. I don't care anymore. FS2020 is finally here to remove all this bug products with terrible support ... so glad! ... You went to a lowest level and you didn't control yourself in front of all the people reading this. Its your business not mine so I don't care. Your name and reputation is HERE for everybody to read...yeah sure the customer was to hard and don't have human decency.
  3. Listen Cameron. I'm not learning a thing from your support model nor YOU. In fact all this multiple creating ticket is your problem and not mine (revisit your support model). You are not here to correct customers but to fix your products issues with them. Customers can be unfair and many customers are but what it makes a company be different that others is to understand their customers. This will increase your customer base. Let me help you here. You could say: We have received your support incident. We understand your frustration and we want to help you but we have commitments wit
  4. Oh you are the security team now??? hahahahah You are choosing not to provide support because I was top hard... read you boss comment above. You are punishing a customer because the customer was to hard ??? very very smart. and in you mall analogy, sure. the scenario is that the store is empty and you refused to help. not the other way around. How I know this? because you can spend more time on this madness than fixing the problems. JUST FIX THE STUP PROBLEM.... WHICH IS SIMPLE! read your boss comment BUT NO... they wont do it because I was too hard with
  5. the lack of sympathy with customers that expressed frustration with your product and support process are incredible. I might be not patient, I get that, but to take this into this level from your side is unacceptable. Ill wait for your kind of support but if this is not fixed soon then we will really take it to then next level for sure!
  6. yes keep fighting with your customers... the one who pays YOUR salaries right?. RESOLVE the F ^%$%^$ problem and move on to your next poor customer. You don't have to have the entire support team (2 guys) wasting your time like this. FIX the stupid problem. Wait!! WHY to fix this ??? .. the customer is an ass #$@# and I hate the customers! Right.. great win for you! I'm mad/frustrated and you are happy and exited = you win!!! - yes you are right !!!
  7. No I don't understand how you can manage your customers.... seems that you have more time to turn them down that to help them. ... Very good!!! It takes 2 ass *&^%*&^ to take this situations as is now.... you are the other of them... BUT seems you are the CEO of this ..whatever this is. Very very good! Ill be petitely wait for you amazing support! thank god we have history of all this...
  8. You should say thank you! Sure with all your comments ... is this simple issue fixed? Day 2
  9. I'm editing this with the intention to be fare. Yes, I might pull the trigger too fast with the Bad support comment. But was because many people comments about not receiving support on time... and me trying to play during my weekend. I finally and because of all this, I jumped into FS2020 this weekend. AMAZING! ... although I love my X-plane 11 Ill correct myself here. Bad support? No, I don't know that because it was the first time interacting with them. Seems they have 3 days response time. I got a quick answer thou Difficult to get answers? Same as above. I never engage wit
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