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  1. Good afternoon, For me remaining 6 days and after????? Shut down???? Thank you
  2. tkyler hello, I know GCRR/03 it is not a waypoint, only to indicated Airport and rwy used for that fly also airport arrived GCXO rwy 30. That route was indicated if Litjan made the same fly to try the check. This afternoon I tried the same fly but in Vulkan and Gizmo beta and the final was the same, impossible to put CANDE on TFN. I don't know what is the problem. NB. That route is used in commercial fly in Canary Island from Lanzarote to Tenerife North. Log.txt
  3. Tks Litjan, Also a friend with the same route had the problems exactly to me. The route was GCRR/03 LARY1M LARYS LARY1L GCXO 30 VIA : CANDE and FLY 250 I attached my log. Log.txt
  4. Good afternoon, I try to put a new Fix in FMC and crashed it !!!! v 1.31 with gizmo beta also stable. Regards
  5. Morning, VNAV no working, the jet reach TOD and no going down accorded ALT indicated !!!!! X-Plane 11 v11.41 GIZMO stable. Thank you
  6. Thank you. I think the problem was that Web out due new version!!!!
  7. Hello everyone, I have problem with a new installation on Xplane 11 11.50 Vulkan, it's impossible to made flash one advise say "unable to download component X-Plane 11 737-300 : File not found" I don't know what is the problem. Thank you
  8. Good evening, I have problem with a new installation on Xplane 11.50 is impossible to install, after to put the pass, accept regulation, etc, I indicated the route but when are installed flash a advise Impossible discharge files!!!! I don't know what is the problem Thank you
  9. Thank you, everything now is ok!
  10. Today I made a new installation in Xplane 11 Vulkan 11.50b4 after installation is impossible start with crash bar, all time coming down!!! Thank you
  11. Thank you boredtechie, Tomorrow I will check. Regards
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