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  1. What do you like the most for England, London? What source is the best for that?
  2. Hello, I am creating Orthoimagery with ORTHO4XP, and I wonder what is the best source of Orthoimagery? There are over 10 choices like Google, USA_2, FRnorth, FRsat, and many more. I have no idea what these abbreviations mean... And which one of them is the best to use in what parts of the world? Thank you, Jack
  3. The blur is caused by the Antroscopic filtering in the Nvidia control panel - for some reason it seems to keep messing up even though I set it at global settings. The best way to battle that is to try a few things - try to permanently turn antroscopic filtering ON in the control panel; then try "Application Controlled", rather than just "Global settings".
  4. Oh, sorry, I have no idea how to solve that...
  5. So acutally I have a really weak machine for X-plane use - it's a Lenovo W530: Intel i7 @2.4 GHz; Nvidia quadro K1000m GPU, and 16 GB RAM; Here is a screenshot of my rendering settings: ; So although I do not use HDR rendering, I like the objects and trees to be at the absolute MAX (I think that having real-world amount of objects and trees is a lot more realistic than not having those and having a few extra shadows with HDR rendering on). The blur in the runways is caused by the Antroscopic filtering in the Nvidia control panel - for some reason it seems to keep messing up even
  6. Are you using windows? Just click START and search NVIDIA, and it has to come up...
  7. Yeah, everyone, be sure to subscribe to that guy, he's the most helpful X-plane person on Youtube! Oh, and the blurry fonts are caused by anti-aliasing. Check one more time that you have it "application controlled"... My sim FPS increased by almost 50% after I used Wycliffe's settings!!
  8. Hello, I wanted to say that I've asked for X-plane performance help on this forum, and all I got was constant advice to get a new expensive PC. Well, I found this guy named Wycliffe Barrett on Youtube who does an absolutely wonderful job at explaining all the insides and outs of X-plane, and he made this great video on perfect Nvidia control panel settings (video below). AND GUESS WHAT - I GOT A 200% INCREASE IN FPS WHEN I ADJUSTED THE NVIDIA SETTINGS, EVEN ON MY "WEAK" MACHINE! Thank you Wycliffe Barrett, because you actually help even those people who have weaker machines
  9. I am on a different, more powerful machine now. My specific question is what are the most optimal settings in the Nvidia Contrl Panel??
  10. Hello, Could someone please tell me what is the best way to configurate the settings in the Nvidia control panel for maximum performance X-plane use. I have recently read somewhere that the Nvidia settings play a very crucial role in performance, and I have no idea of how to set them. Maybe just post a screenshot if that is more convenient... Thank you in advance...
  11. Does photoscenery slow down the sim even more than the alpilotx mesh v3? I have the really bad nvidia k1000m gpu. Also, how does the sim look like if you have static shadows but hdr rendering enabled? How is it different than normal static shadows?
  12. OK ok, sorry. I'm not posting anything anymore...
  13. But the guy said that he's not sure. And besides, he was talking only about the aerosoft scenery. How about all the gateway scenery that is also usually downloaded with X-plane installer?
  14. I emailed aerosoft. They told me that I can download another copy of the X-plane demo, and it will install all of the aerosoft airports? Do you guys think this is true?
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