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  1. Hi, I was flying LEMD-LEPA descending to the GODOX waypoint, when the AP suddenly disengaged and I was unable to re-engage. Master caution read "Flight Ctrl" and what was even weirder was that I couldn't operate the flaps nor the landing gear on my approach. Hydraulics in general seemed to fail. I tried this flight twice with the exact same results. Will appreciate your feedback. Thanks, XXFlight
  2. Many thanks, Jan. Looking forward to the update. The rest is looking great, with many improvements. Excellent work! About Avitab, I must have missed that power button. Thanks! XXF
  3. Hi, I just installed the 1.31 update and while loading my flight plan in the FMC I could not use the SERFR waypoint in any RSK. This did not happen with any other waypoint. The Console error was: Callback Dref Hooked setDataf:cdul lsk 5R Onwrite:(string "x slip.utils.lua.ral) attempt to get length of local 'a' (a boolean value).I have the latest Navigraph fms data as well as the latest FlyWithLua. I also tried with both Gizmos, stable and beta to no avail.Lastly, the tablet doesn't seem to start automatically from cold and dark. You must deselect and select the Use AviTab option in preferences
  4. I recommend adjusting hi idle to 1.18 and lo idle to 0.61 so as to not have so much push on the ground roll. This will leave N1 idle at 21.6/7 and will not push N2 past 100% on the climb.
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