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  1. Cat

    767 takeoff help

    Actually, I was having the same problems taking off until I turned off the Yaw Dampers... Flys like a charm. Happy Flying!
  2. I too, don't say much on the forums, but I have to agree with Kaphias on this issue. The "hump" is the wrong shape... And, who cares about passenger seats or a toilet instead of a correctly modeled exterior of the plane? I would much rather see a correctly modeled exterior than passenger seats.
  3. Cat

    My First Landing!

    Wow! Very cool. You must have be ecstatic!
  4. Well, I'll add that here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, we hit a record high dew point of 83 F the other day and temperatures well into the high 90's F. Dew point from Wikipedia "At a given temperature but independent of barometric pressure, the dew point indicates the absolute humidity, mass of water per unit volume of air." So, that's were the "stickiness" comes from... We were more "tropical" than the rain forest in South America! It's been miserable! I wish I could have been in Germany this week!! Stay cool everyone
  5. Thanks goes to you Goran and the "team!" I think it's important for us users/customers to realize how much work goes into developing and designing a great aircraft with realistic systems. I for one appreciate all the effort going into this project and I know this will be a fantastic aircraft. Cheers to you and the team! Cat ~ Btw - I'm very excited!
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