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  1. sanjiv

    No Sound

    I had this issue as well and it was on 11.26r2. I flew the aircraft in VR with no problems at all. Now, when I wanted to fly non-VR, there was no sound specifically on this aircraft (worked fine on all other aircraft). On investigation, realised that audio was being sent to VR headset even in non-VR mode. What was surprising is that sound was coming to normal headset for all other aircraft. Window sound output device (including application specific) was set to normal headset. Not sure if this would help, but you may try physically removing other audio device, if any.
  2. OMG! What a patient and matured customer support. You guys are setting a new standard in customer support. Kudos to the entire team.
  3. sanjiv

    RNAV app

    RNAV Approaches can be flown as long as the accuracy is less than RNP of 1.0 0.3 (1.0 for Missed App and 0.3 on finals), which in case of X-Plane always is. So making sure that the altitude/speed constraints are correctly programmed into the FMC should be sufficient to perform an RNAV approach.
  4. Absolutely Ben. Take your time. It has been nothing but hard work from you guys the last couple of years. Also the next few months are going to be crucial from the support point of view. The fact that you even consider porting it to Linux is great news for us. We don't mind waiting. Sanjiv
  5. Sure, and that is exactly what Jan does in the second tutorial. Have a look at the tutorial docs/videos that came with the plane. Sanjiv
  6. Just received the email from Cameron and replied back with my thoughts. After seeing this post I thought it might be a good idea to share it here... Hello Cameron, I know your inbox is flooded with emails at this point in time and also that each mail you read takes some amount of time out of your super busy days. But still I thought I would share some of my thoughts. So here goes... First of all congratulations on release of this amazing bird. I am sure it defines a new era in the history of X-Plane (best plane so far in terms of realistic flight dynamics and complexity) and Flight Simulation (best plane so far in terms of realistic flight dynamics). No I have not yet flown the plane so far as I am out of station and I have only the macbook with me which has limited resources. But I am going through the tutorials and Jan's excellent videos. But from the videos I know what the plane is and what its potentials are. All the complex planes released so far had FCOMs bundled with them. They were really more painful and less enjoyable to me. So I really appreciate the effort made by Jan, the real B733 captain, in making us teach the basics like a flight instructor. I also highly appreciate the fact that you encourage us to fly the plane like real pilots and have gone a step further in getting us a very good book at a discounted price. We had put you all under a lot of pressure to release the plane early. So if there are some bugs in the first release it is perfectly understandable. I know you guys have tried your level best to get in as many features as possible in the last moment. But that was solely with the interest of giving us a more enjoyable experience and we totally understand that. We know that most of the issues would be sorted out in your next update. So, I would request the IXEG team to not loose heart. Remember a lot of buyers have come from MSFS and P3D (good for us) who probably expected the same kind of finish/completeness as PMDG. But we understand that you are a four/five man team working without any income (so far) with additional responsibilities of your primary job just because of you passion for flight simming. If we take the example of Jan, leave alone testing for this aircraft, he has contributed immensely in making sceneries for x-plane along with so many great tutorial videos. So please please remain motivated and continue working on this plane. We have seen your passion for flight simming and we know that you will transform the already best plane into a totally bug free, frame rate friendly plane in no time. So thanks a lot once again and keep up the great work. Cheers Cameron, Please share my email with all the IXEG team members. Thanks and wishing you good luck, Sanjiv
  7. Thanks you so very much Ben. Now hoping to see linux support on my x-aviation products soon. Sanjiv
  8. Yes indeed. I rechecked and found that the CRJ is supported across all platforms. Regards Sanjiv
  9. Hello Cameron, Yes indeed. I do realize that commercial viability of the project/port is something that cannot be ignored. But coming to the point of less demand for linux support. Probably many potential linux buyers are not on this forum just because of lack of linux support from x-aviation in the past. IMHO it would be interesting to have atleast one product ported over to linux and then asses the interest generated. Thanks for the incredible offer. I will PM you straight away. Regards Sanjiv
  10. Hello Ben, The plugin loaded like a charm. No complains whatsoever on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. Now, how do I test the plugin? There are no linux installers for my DC-3 or JS-32. I tried copying the windows install of the aircraft over to my linux partition (same machine) but the activation failed. None the less, kudos for successful port Regards Sanjiv
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