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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I understand that TorqueSim crew put a lot of work and effort on this project and I`m sure that the result is a great aircraft, specially for us, who stayed on the XP11 because the simulation immersion comes from the aircraft feeling not from the graphics, but I feel pushed to choose between the two avionics options instead to buy both, if I have any value for that. I hope to see any "combo" for new costumers on the future. Thanks!
  2. If I buy the Entegra version prior the G1000 version, will I have a discount for the second purchase? Or the discount is just for the Entegra for G1000 consumers?
  3. Should I check the experimental flight model on XP11 settings?
  4. There is a new bind on the X-Plane controls called "nosewheel steer toggle", you need find it on yours controls and click it every time you want to switch the steering on or off. Edit: command name
  5. I fly the A32F in the real life as well (for 6 years now) and I got the FF320 on its last beta batch release. I only did a quick visual circuit and it`s a very good airplane indeed, but I think it still have some work to do on the flight model, ie: the landing quite unrealistic, lacks the ground effect and FBW`s flare mode. I will post my impressions on their forums as soon I got time for it. I fly simulators on PC since the FS5.1 (about 24 years now) and today I can say for sure the IXEG flight model is the closest to the real feeling of flying a jet airplane!
  6. I fly A320 on real life and the thing the most impressed me on the IXEG is the feeling that you actually landing a jet. There are a lot of factors you must take account on your landings, things like your weight (heavier aircrafts are easier to land), the runway`s characteristics, the weather, etc. When you are flying an airliner, you must leave your ego at home, so a super smooth landing is in the end of the list of the things that you are aiming for. So always land on the touchdown zone, don`t scratch your tail on the runway, keep the G forces in the aircrafts limits and stop within the
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