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  1. Hi all, Very curious and excited to test this V2 with clouds shadows, lens and high res'. A bit afraid about the performance on my config I would like to add just one feeling. I have a second copy of X-Plane to test 10.30 betas. And, there are the default clouds. So ok, those are awful, bad resolution, and not moving but in sometimes, i stay surprised by those large, thicks clouds layers which can extend far, very far, close to the horizon (much more than SMP seems to do). Maybe am i the only one to like this. Mr John, my € are ready Best regards
  2. Hi John Thanx you very much for Skymaxx. I have used it with great pleasure for some months, and can't wait to try this new one The most exciting for me is to see that this non stoping project, with many updates, trying to be better at each version. Ok, there's some minor improvements to add (already said inside others topics, no need to repeat them here), but i have full confidence in your job and the way you seem to go. Friendly, Fab
  3. 1. Better water rendition and variation (different colors according to areas (deep blue in ocean, sandbank, tropical ambiance near island's coast,...) 2. A world weather engine who make weathers transitions smooth (i hate this change from CAVOK to scattered during approach grrr) 3. An online multiplayer mode that matches LAN mode in terms of quality (others simmers seen with planes present inside aircraft files (with moving flaps + landing gear, condensation in high altitude, smoke during touchdown .... (but ok, that can be the role of those online networks)
  4. Hi all, i would like to precise my words sent in this topic. http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php/topic/4349-pfd-and-mfd-not-working-on-start-up/ I'm new on this site, please forgive me if I'm wrong . Cameron decides to close it because it's an old topic, so i answer here. (sorry Cameron if i bought CRJ recently and not before :/ ) I hate this argumentation which said that this forum is reserved to "X-aviation customers", BUT i can understand because my box version contain only reseller logo. If you read my post, i don't ask for any support, just want to make a feedback :-/ My feedback
  5. Hi, Here is my experience with CRJ200 (bought on aerosoft online store) - totally impossible to have both screen working in 32bits version. Always going dark after 20sec to 1minute after loading. Cameron solves this problem by reducing graphics. But i refuse this solution, i dont want bad graphics. - I dont have this problem with 64bits version. Both screens work without any trouble and everything works fine Even if this aircraft is very good (honestly), i cant fly it online. So i stay disappointed for now, waiting for this 64bits squawkbox plugin. ++
  6. Hi X-Plane Australian, Yes, i know this aircraft and i have to say that this aircraft is one of the best freeware available. But i think it can be improved, regarding X-Plane 10 standards (finish, quality of texture, light and details ...) I heard that they are working on an update of this plane, i certainly will have a look on it
  7. Hello, hard to choose one plane, so i would say Concorde and the Falcon 7x
  8. I stay an fan of Xplane but i have to say that some things disturb me : - Exhaust effect (on every plane) seem to be not aligned with engine, contrary to version 10.11 which was perfect - That awful fog at horizon when flying 30000ft : transition between high details and fog could be better , smoother than that, Xplane 9 was better on this point - Immobile clouds as said But anyway, thx to keeping efforts working on X-plane development.
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