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  • JRollon Releases BAe Jetstream 32


    X-Aviation and JRollon Planes are pleased to announce the release of the BAe Jetstream 32! You may go to the product page to find screenshots on the product as well as to purchase it. There is an introductory price discount during initial release!

    Highlighted Features:

    - From the creator of the Take Command! CRJ-200!

    - Custom simulated systems to mimic the real aircraft.

    - Optional manual or automatic engine startup.

    - Ground power unit start simulated with visible GPU.

    - Sounds created based on real aircraft recordings!

    - Failure system simulation. Emergency hand pump hydraulics simulated as well as dump mode.

    - Ability to control in-cabin air temperature and see real effects based on selection.

    - Awesome atmospheric effects, including ice buildup, fog, function wipers clearing water, and more!

    - Simulated pressurization system.

    - Detailed HD modeling and texturing...it's simply stunning in sim!

    - Reflective glass on instruments in the cockpit.

    - Immersive lighting effects with different controls for illumination.

    - Fully detailed 3D cockpit complete with tons of animations. More than 90% of the instruments are simulated, including more advanced radios!

    - More liveries to come for FREE!


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    Absolutely a most brilliantly awesome aircraft and now a definite favourite of mine. Very immersive. If I could give it 10 STARS I would. Thank you Javier!


    The EDIT - of course Emalice (comment below), thank you Cameron for making the file available so quickly and a discount to boot! I hope you guys ALL have a terrific and safe Christmas .. bless you all.

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    Got it yesterday evening. I havn't opened the file though, i'm not finished reading the manual... (take this as a compliment, Javier ;-) )


    Thanks a lot, Javier, for this wonderful christmas present from me to me.

    And thank you Cameron for the early sale discount, this is a nice gesture on your part for faithfull customers.


    Merry christmas to all.



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    Fantastic A/C, thanks Javier. Very ergonomic, immersive, challenging, flight model is very good (except an possible excessive pitch I think), I made flew challenging flights with bad weather conditions, GREAT!


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    Isn't working for me...


    I'm running XP 10.20 Beta 9:  with 64-bit version control axis are working but o.h. panel switches aren't.  With 32-bit version panel switches are ok but it doesn't let me to assign any control axis and, if any is set, remove it.


    Are anybody experiencing my issues, or anybody having Jetstream 32 working with XP 10.20 Beta 9?


    Of course I'll wait for a stable version of XP 10.20 before submitting a bug to the authors.





    For what I have seen, at now in my opinion she's one of the three most beautiful XP planes ever built!  If she flies like she looks she could became one of my favorite planes!   Great works JRollon!!!

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    I've just received a new update release notification stating that the weird behavior of controls I've thought being caused by XP Beta (32-bit, of course!) is due to a mis-configuration  (see page 48 of the manual)!!!

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    I've followed the manual, but still can't fly this.

    After starting the engine, I've disabled the plugin and then enabled the plugin to get the axis working just as described in the manual. And it works. But after 10 to 20 sec. the aircraft is shutting down all systems, and of course the axis is not working. New start procedure, new disabling and enabling plugin and again aircraft systems shutdown.


    Anyone else experienced this and found a solution?

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    Hi guys. This is not the support forum ... please go here for support questions for this plane.

    Actually, X-Pilot is very well organised, they provide a support forum for every thing they sell.

    You'll find it in the Forums area under "Commercial Vendors". Cheers.

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    JRollon's new 64bit Jetstream 32 is one of the most beautiful and realistic aircraft that has ever been made for either X-Plane or FSX. Sitting in the virtual cockpit "feels" like you are in the real aircraft. The sounds are great and the flight characteristics are just excellent.

    It took a little reading to get the controllers set up correctly, but they work fine now and I'm really enjoying this aircraft.

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    Bought the Jetstream32 in the V9.xx version and regret to have no access with stick and rudder of my PFC AATD simulator. What is going wrong here ? Has anybody an idea to help me out ? All other planes are flying correctly except for the Jetstream32. Could it be related to the hydraulics left on OFF ? I taught that if the engines are running the hydraulics are too 


    My PFC sim has still the V9.42 version as I am dependent of these people for the transit to an adapted V10.xx .

    Should appreciate any help before long !




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