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Getting a FSX model into blender and into x-plane


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Due to some interest in the way I did it I have decided to write a tutorial about it.he basics of making with blender with x-plane.

This tutorial requires that you have some knowledge of creating for x-plane and t

1) Get these scripts. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8298

2)Run blender and go into File>Import>FSX mdl file.

It is worth noting that the in FSX you have two mdl files. One will be the interior and the other will have a similar name to model.RR etc.

3) Run the scripts and get the file into blender. You will notice a horrid looking mesh presented before you. Normals might be horrible and moving parts will be in their deflected position.

4) Here you will require a previous insight into blender and move the different objects around aligning them with the other meshes.

5)Some very expert 3D modellers might want to clear this but I used the edge split modifier to correct the shading problems. This will increase the number of verts and give some aggressive z-buffer but I dont know other ways of doing it without screwing up the mesh.

6) Import the .obj file of the plane you want to create the exteritor for. You can do this by opening the plane in plane-maker and going into special and clicking on create object file.

7) Move this file into the folder where your plane resides.

8) Import this file into blender and move it to a different layer than 1,2 and 3.

9) Move the FSX mesh in order to align it to the plane maker model.

10) Now you are ready to texture, Check in the texture folder that came with your FSX aircraft. Familiarize yourself with the texture files so you get to know what object uses which texture file.

11) Go back into blender and split a window. Open the UV/image editor in that.

12) Select an object such as the fuselage and go into edit mode and press 'A' once there to select all faces. The UV image editor will show the UV mapping in right order only that it might not have an image file associated with it.

13) Go into your aircraft folder and make a new folder called 'objects'. Place the texture files that you are going to use in blender into the objects folder.

14) Go back into blender again and open the texture files in the UV window. It is important that your files are in png format or you might run into problems later.

15) Now this is a very tiring step. You need to go into edit mode with each and every object and select the required texture file.

NOTE: It is important that you do not join objects in order to simplify this so called texturing of the objects. You will be backing out on a very useful feature then.

16) Once the whole mesh is textured you need to group objects that use a different texture file and move them to different layers and then into different .blend files.

17) An important step Go into shading, and materials(it is something like that, im away so the information being transferred here is limited). There will be three sliders to set up the materials. Pull them all up to 1.00.

18) Considering now that you may have split up the objects into different .blend files respective of the texture file save them in the objects folder and then export .obj files.

19) Go into plane maker>Standard>misc objects and select those obj files. Hide parts of your plane as necessary and then save. Open the plane in x-plane and check the exterior. If the mesh looks ok to some extent you are ready to animate.

20) Animation tutorial will be made next summer and this will be further detailed with screenshots as well next summer.

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Due to some interest in the way I did it I have decided to write a tutorial about it.he basics of making with blender with x-plane.

This tutorial requires that you have some knowledge of creating for x-plane and t

1) Get these scripts.http://www.fsdevelop...read.php?t=8298

Has anyone been able to open this link. I've been searching in google for these but to no success. Could you display the link again.

From a 3d developer wanna be, this is a great tutorial you are doing. I've found that looking and taking apart what other people have done really is a great tool to work with. I find blender and ac3d tough programs to start from scratch, but what you did with the 330 is great to take apart and learn what things do and how they work. Thanks for sharing this and I can not wait till the next installment of your animation tutorials.


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Hey Samen and others that have sucessfully installed these scripts. To key you in on what I have done.

I have installed blender

I have installed the xplane to blender scripts correctly but when I try to install the mac versions of these scripts my command window opens gives this text with a lot of errors and nothing actually is happening installation wise. Any ideas? After trying to install I open Blender and go to import and look for the .mdl fsx model import and it is not there. I do see the xplane obj imports and the likes.

Last login: Thu Oct 14 20:31:28 on ttys000

/Users/justin/Desktop/Blender2FSX_010/install.cmd ; exit;

justin-bumgardners-imac:~ justin$ /Users/justin/Desktop/Blender2FSX_010/install.cmd ; exit;

/Users/justin/Desktop/Blender2FSX_010/install.cmd: line 1: @rem: command not found

/Users/justin/Desktop/Blender2FSX_010/install.cmd: line 2: @echo: command not found

/Users/justin/Desktop/Blender2FSX_010/install.cmd: line 11: syntax error near unexpected token `"tokens=2 delims=="'

/Users/justin/Desktop/Blender2FSX_010/install.cmd: line 11: `for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%I in ('assoc .blend') do set FTYPE=%%I'


[Process completed]

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