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Base color of scenery


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Hi everybody,

I tried the different demo of the scenes and first of all, what a amazing job!!!!

Juste a little thing: I find the base color a little too light: like if there was no rain since 6 months or more :) is there a reason for that? a limitation? a choice? I attach an example for tennessee.

Again it's not an attack for your wonderful work, just a question.


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Hi, David,

Many of the products up now are from similar/same image sources. We have discussed this some in the past here, but to put it short...the products are that way by choice, you could say. It's not a limitation of X-Plane, however, with the varying imagery colors throughout, coming up with a routine that would color correct further than what had already been done (it was a lot of color correcting already) was producing uneven transitions of colors. Additionally, X-Plane has a tendency to contribute a lot more light in midday situations sometimes washing colors out, but we are working on ways to overcome this.

With that said...

RealScenery Northern California is due to hit the market soon, and is a product of a little more than a year in development. We wrote many pieces of proprietary software to achieve new and better results in many areas, including night lighting, color correcting routines, and a new source of imagery for the product. It's much more vibrant in color, and a great joy to fly around. This will be part of the enhanced line of products, and will cost slightly more due to the added work and development time vs. a regular RealScenery package.

You can find out a bit more on Enhanced products here: http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php?topic=532.0 and more finalized screenshots here: http://www.realscenery.com/flash_galleries/ca/norcal.html

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I bought the TN scenery, but was disappointed.  It does not look like TN at all.  I fly in the area, and hope it would be valuable in training.  Unfortunately, it looks like a dry northern california area as the poster's screenshot demonstrates.  I was hoping I had installed it wrong and could correct it.


Does anyone know of any decent x-plane scenery for TN?  I bought the MegaEarth scenery for FSX, and it is pretty good and true to the actual state of TN.


Thanks in advance.

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RealScenery TN was developed many years ago for X-Plane versions 8 and 9. Unfortunately, there were not many public-domain sources of imagery, nor the availability of refined X-Plane developer tools back then. In addition, CPU horsepower to process and build scenery, then actually fly with it in X-Plane, was a real challenge. Fast forward to today, where both the the availability of high-quality imagery and the software tools available for engineering scenery for X-Plane have increased dramatically.


Here is a quick comparison of RealScenery enhanced to the older legacy scenery products. Take a look at the Oahu, Reno, or NorCal screenshot galleries and you can see what a difference a few years makes in the technology, availability, and processing power to both build and fly with imagery-based scenery.

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