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2 Joysticks and click function


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Hello all,

So I'm planning on buying an el-cheapo joystick to run along side my good Saitek cyborg evo force. I want to have my good Joystick run control surfaces throttle etc, and a second one to control interior viewing and/or moving. Is there a way to run the mouse click as the trigger on the 2nd Joystick? That way, I can have my mouse centered on my screen, move the view to the instrument, and pull the trigger. (I have tried viewing with my good Joystick, and it's very nice, and easy to control) So that's question #1, as for my second question, is there any joystick that you guys recommend I buy under $60 Canadian? ($41 American) I was thinking about getting either one of the Saitek ST 290's, or a Saitek aviator.

Thanks in advance! - Jman

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I've used a Saitek Aviator for just about.. oh, a year now. At first it feels light and flimsy, but it has held up well through the time I've used it, providing you treat it well. The button layout is likely different than anything you've ever used, so you may want to take a good look at images of the 'stick before you buy.

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Ok, so I did a bit of thinking, and remembered I had an old top gun thrustmaster, I want to buy a converter for the port, but does anyone know how to MANUALLY convert 15 pin gameport to usb? I am not afraid to get down 'n dirty with a soldering gun.  :) (I have had past experience with soldering)


(Click for bigger images)



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Wow! Buying a new joystick altogether is cheaper! :o I think I'l just go to memory express and buy a $16 signal converter...  :) I understand that the chip you suggested would be a good learning experience, but I just don't have the money to buy any of those chips.  :-[

-Thanks for the reply!

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Okay, so I finally bought a joystick. The source had this joystick for $20, So I bought it. The controls are VERY stiff. It's actually quite difficult to push the stick all the way forward!  :o Just the way I like it. I'l admit, the joystick is actually a knockoff of my Saitek Cyborg. Look at the resemblance:




An answer to my second question is still appreciated!  :)

Thanks! - Jman

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