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How do I set Multiplayer for X-Plane10?

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Correct. Or you both need public IPs on your flight sim machine, which you do not.

You can try settIng up port forwarding or DMZ mode on your home router, but if you don't understand how TCP/IP works, you're not going to get very far.

- CK.

Note to network geeks, technically it's UDP/IP were playing with here.

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Have you tried a google search? Ie xplane vatsim installation etc..?

There's an entire multipart video tutorial as well on YouTube.

I'm sure the parental controls will allow you to search for such words.

Edit: searching xplane vatsim yielded this as the top find: https://sites.google.com/site/arbxplanevatsimsite/

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Since this thread is about multiplayer, one thing I was thinking about last night while taking the Jetstream 31 out of the hangar for a spin, and I guess it applies for other complex aircraft is that it would be a nice feature if two people could fly the same plane via a multiplayer connection. One in the pilot seat and the other in the copilot, sharing the workload to fly the plane. Having a dedicated audio channel for cockpit only to read checklists as they are performed, and another to talk to the ATC (IVAO, VATSIM, Pilot Edge). Just a thought.

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Bump.. I was wondering if the Tunngle or Hamachi client would work, did have some success with friend using Evolve(all are VLAN VPN type clients), havent had a chance to try it yet... but yes second Netflight best "Flying with Friends" option.  You can see the actual plane they are in gear retracts ect...

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