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Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

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I have started an effort to upgrade the P180 Avanti, that comes with X-Plane, to the newer Avanti II version. The difference is that Avanti II incorporates a new full glass cockpit, using the Proline 21 system of Honeywell. This upgrade is under permission of the author of Avanti for X-Plane, Robert Pearson. I want to thank him for his permission.

First of all, by meaning upgrading, I mean that things that will change will be only those are different from the basic version. The most of plane will remain the same, except of course the... cockpit. So the goals are:

1. 2D cockpit with the most possible representation of Proline 21 avionics, as possible through X-Plane's capabilities. No plug-in will be used (hmm, I have no idea about them, I've played a bit with SALS and it's not looking tooo hard...).

2. A very detailed 3D cockpit, down to the last screw!

If things go smooth and the results are ok, then I will (may be) go for a full implementation of Proline 21 by using plugins.

Of course I cannot promise about the ETA of this project. One man alone on the spare time, you understand...I hope!

Now some samples...post-5826-0-14464700-1343764432_thumb.pnpost-5826-0-23091700-1343764440_thumb.pnpost-5826-0-47608000-1343764445_thumb.pn

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Thanks a lot guys!

@dainja, I know the file and maybe later, as things evolve, if I get permission for that file, I'll go for it. In my back side of my mind is an Avanti I 3D cockpit!

A small update for today. All buttons and switches are in place now.



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As development continues slowly but steady(!), I'm focused to reproduce the Proline 21 avionics as best as possible by pushing the Planemaker abilities to the limit. I thing i will end up with a couple of hundreds of generic instruments!

Here is a sample of Avanti's MFD:


Please DISREGARD the cockpit texturing. Is a fast low quality job. I just want to see how it looks like in X-Plane, so I can make any necessary adjustments.

Here another one from pilot's PFD:


Learning and testing show me that you can make some cool staff, even without plugins. Like below, the multifunction radio panel with 2 pages swapping.


Make notice of the cursor that changes the 2 pages.

Hope you like it...

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A view of the 3D cockpit as is at this point.


That's a "first time" partially texture application. It needs a lot of work to come to the point I would like. I'm working parallel to all directions (3D improvements, texturing, instrumentation etc.), so it will get better through time.

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Thanks Pirx! It's nice to see that you like it!

A few screenshots now in the aircraft... (note: of course it's long way away to be competed!!!)

The first is the main panel.


This one is a closeup to the center of the panel.


Down to pedestal. And some fur on pilots' seat, so they don't sweat!


Hope you like it!

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