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Piper Malibu JetPROP


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Here is a new plane under development.

Its based off of a 1980s Piper Malibu retrofitted with a P&W PT6A-35 engine by Jetprop.

Right now the plane is in the paint shop after that the panel will be animated  after painting. The panel is basic right now the avionics upgrades aren't concrete at the moment, I'm still figuring out what to add into the panel.

If anyone out there has any experience with the Piper Malibu series please drop me a line!







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Landing gear work and a nose lift.

So far the major parts of the fuselage are done(besides texture work). I have the landing gear working. Special thanks to Tom for helping me realize the silly mistake I was making! The interior will be in the next batch of screenshots.





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Airbus, I love ya man, and you're doing awesome work with the V/C of this plane.

I gotta be honest with you though, I've always found the malibu an ungainly sight

and with the turbo-propped snute it is downright homely looking. Well like any homely beast it must have some redeeming characteristics .. ( I would know having first hand experience)   so I'll let you carry on with your efforts...all of this is not to say I wouldent welcome the opprotunity to try to fly the beast and see if the ugly is only aluminum skin deep. are you still looking for PICS? I think one of these creatures lives at my FBO's hangar. I could try if you need.

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I still have to finish off the last half of the gauge animations and the night lighting.

After that ill be adding the fun stuff! :o

Yah Crash its not the best looking prop out there. I wouldn't call it pretty; the JetPROP nose gives it more of a snarly, snouting, hoooverin badd assed look! It can sure HAULASS! :o

I appreciate the feed back ill post some updated pictures soon.

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Shes an uglu bugger! But look forward to getting this one mate

You know the saying "the face only a mother would love"!  :D

I have another plane that has a prettier face! :D

wow, man, Airbus, just think about how much money you could make by finishing this one. wow, i would buy it.

looking really nice.

Same to you Jack!

I did some rearanging on the panel last night. I still have more ideas for this plane.

I'm staying away from xplane for the next few weeks; I'm buried under a pile of paper work I need to finish!

This is where I last left the panel. I still has the ugly texture :P . I put up some blender renders, I hid my xplane disk from myself :D !



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Finish this plane or i'll kick your ass  (Looking awesome)

my new saitek panels told me that they are waiting for it

:D Soon enough! :D

boy, really nice.

wish i was able to get you those pictures of the Malibu at my local airport i use to park near all the time, i wonder if it will ever come back.

The plane actually looks pretty cool in person.

No problems with the pictures :D.

Yah ive only seen the Malibu Mirage in person so far. I still think they are pretty cool looking. If I had the money the Malibu would be on my reasonable aircrafts to buy. You can pick up a used 80s Malibu for pretty cheap nowadays :P

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I haven' updated any shots of the interior in a long time now. But here it is, all of the main parts are complete. I'm improving on a few things here and there. In the screen shot you will see the main cabin minus the panel area.

Also the shape of the fuselage and textures are updated. The textures are still changing. The rivets will be less obvious from a distance I'm still completing the mesh in blender. The rivets in the screen shot are old versions. I attached a image of that also.




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Here is a update.I pretty much rebuilt most of the exterior, the old mesh was driving me crazy. I still have to retexture some of the parts like the empennage. I also rebuilt/re textured and re animated the main landing gear, the nose gear will be next. After that its back to the interior. I have to get rid of that crazy prop spinner color too!





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Give or take a few months. If I had to use numbers the exterior is about 70% , the interior was just rebuilt tonight. I'm making sure everything fits correctly, after that its re texturing. The panel will also be reworked next.

Thanks for the support!  :)

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