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Steam instruments


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I think the plane is old enough as it is :lol:.

The team added the steam gauge instruments to make me happy (this is what we had in our fleet), but I don´t think we are going to go through the effort to add even more vintage instruments...it is not trivial and the time would be better spent elsewhere.


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I can only image the amount of work re-modelling the 3d cockpit. Definitely not trivial. It is, however, great fun flying the IXEG with a clockwork cockpit, I've got it running all on a flat-screen trainer with Air Manager, just a lack of VNAV display. Essentially it's a re-engined 737-200Adv, takes a bit more thought than having a magenta line in front of you, and a lot more fun - mind you I'm sitting at home on a PC sim not doing this for real.

If we could please have the data to next waypoint out of the FMC as datarefs that would simplify some of the coding, oh and datarefs for all the rheostats same as currently provided for the Overhead and Pedestal panel lights would be great as well.  Here's hoping!


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