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Crash on startup v2.0.1 (Mac)

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Hi, I have the BN2T version 2.0.1 (fresh install via the installer), and upon selecting the aircraft and loading the sim, I get a CTD. Here's the log file. Would you happen to know what's going on?


2023-11-18 19:58:11 ISLANDER-T[mt_cairo_render.c:1430]: assertion mtcr->sync == ((void*)0) failed (0x2 == 0x0)
--=={This application has crashed!}==--


Log.txt Log_ATC.txt

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Sometimes we see this on Mac. In the file /Users/olda/Applications/X-Plane 12/Aircraft/X-Aviation/TorqueSim BN-2T Islanders/TorqueSim BN-2T Turbine Islander/plugins/is_systems//settings/settings.cfg, change the line `disable_mtuploader` to a value of 1. 

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