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NEED v10 AI aircraft TESTERS

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Hi guy's..

I need you to try something for me :)

Below is a file containing a collection of older XPFW aircraft (15 types to be exact).

These aircraft I have upgraded to v10. Further I have removed all non-essential files, panels, sounds,

and other stuff so that the aircraft should be is gentle as possible to your hardware. Left is only

the basic exterior and flightmodel.

The hope is that more people will be able to enjoy AI traffic in v10 and that these aircraft can get a new life.

So, what I want you to do is check if these aircraft will give you better framerates than the default ones (in AI)



1. Unzip the file

2. Place the folder in the aircraft folder

3. Open the v10 sim

4. Goto Aircraft/Aircraft & Situations

5. Click on the tab "Other aircraft"

6. Add/replace the default aircraft with these.

7. Click on the "save all aircraft in preferences" radio button


Experiment and see if you think it gives you better framerates than the default AI aircraft.

Lets see some screenshots of busy airports B)

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Ok, you got to try this;


It's 3 highly modified B747-400's. (only livery is different)

Add a bunch, like 10-15 of them as AI aircraft.

Then try with the same situation with the same amount of the default 747 United aircraft.

Personally I get about DOUBLE the framrate sitting on the rwy at KSEA on my iMac (i5),

but I guess that depends on alot of factors...

Let me know how it goes..



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It runs very smooth indeed! Added 10 of them, and I lost only 3-4 fps vs. no AI at all. Wow! GA is very welcome to a AI pack! ;)

I find the ATC giving weird commands though. Haha.. I have four 747-400 taxiing all over the place now, even on the smallest taxiways. Weird!


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