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W&B and performances


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Hi All,

Not fully ready yet but I've put together a W&B and performance calculations Google spreadsheet, based on the 4 blades AFM.

W&B payload stations are listed as I configured them in Planemaker. Since we can only have 9 stations, it's missing some of them.

Performance results so far look pretty ok. I'm cross checking them with ForeFlight performance profiles for the MU2 and I'm getting +/- 10 Lbs in terms of fuel.

Happy to share if that could be handy when adjusting the flight model in future versions!


Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 14.55.23.png


Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 11.19.32.png

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The percentage calculations are incorrect   ;)
For example: "Expected climb distance = 21", "Actual climb distance = 19". The difference is not 90.48%, but 15.79%: (21-19)/21*100 = 15.789...%.
Similarly for "Expected time = 7" and "Actual time = 7", the difference is 0%, not 100% : (7-7)/7*100 = 0%
And so on. Or you give a different meaning to the "Diff" value...   ;)

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Yes I know :-). Just did a quick percentage between the expected and actual, took a screenshot and went to bed. Still WIP but screenshot is updated.

For my next flight, I'll configure data outputs from X-Plane so I can grab numbers more precisely. Let's see how it looks like. But as some other users have already noticed and reported here, fuel flow in cruise is approx 14% below expected value (TAS too low as well) and seems too high on ground/lower altitude. Because in the end, using the AFM to calculate the necessary amount of fuel is pretty close to what we get in X-Plane MU2. It just burns more fuel in climb and descent/approach phases and less in cruise.

It terms of climb performances, it seems to be quite right, just ~5% overpowered, again based on AFM as I've never flown an MU2. Though if I win the lottery, I would love to buy one, it just looks awesome :)! Unfortunate they are discontinued, they are so much prettier than a King Air...

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