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  1. Thanks Cameron, when I ran the 1.01 installer, it removed everything apparently. Since the persistence of the airframe is a feature, and I put about 100 hours on the airframe, perhaps including information about how to preserve this information would be a good manual addition? I'm guessing the same goes for the SR22? I will return to using that again soon as well. Thanks.
  2. Ouch! What files should I back up in the future to not lose my records? All of those in output? I ask because I did not find instructions regarding this in the manual. Thanks.
  3. Hi, thank you for the update to 1.0.1. When I ran the installer, it asked to remove the old version and I accepted that. However, it seems that my old maintanenence and hobbs/flight time records are gone. Can this be recovered? Thanks.
  4. Sounds great and thank you. Wrapping up a flight now and I'll check it out for the next leg.
  5. I have been flying the SR-20 daily for about three weeks and I get this behavior on arrival for nearly every flight.
  6. Thanks Cameron, I found the email and sent a message via support.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I did not get any discount code in an email and I do get X-Aviation emails reliably.
  8. Hi, I am an owner of the SR-22 and just bought the SR-20. The discount was not applied. Is there anything that can be done?
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