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Fuel System logic with engine out


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Hello Mu pilots,

I've noticed what appears to be an error in the fuel transfer logic. I've been testing engine out cases, and with the right engine shut down fuel from the right tip tank cannot be transferred. The Fuel System diagram in the P.O.M. shows the tanks pressurised by the same common source, not dependant on the on-side engine, so even engine out I believe the tip tanks should both continue to transfer to the main.



A secondary issue as a result of this is apparently incorrect logic in the outer to main transfer logic. The manual reads as if the system should not allow either outer tank to transfer to the main until both tips are empty, but as implemented when the left tip is empty the left outer will begin transferring, even with fuel left in the right tip. 



Not major issues, but perhaps something to be reviewed for a future update?

The system will correctly empty both outer tanks as expected when selecting the transfer switches to off and outer manual switch on, but at the moment fuel in the tip on the side of the dead engine is unusable.

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Those are all good points and should be addressed Graeme.  Bleed air for several things passes through the AC system...so I have to dig a bit deeper into that switchgear and I suspect this will get addressed when I did into that.  I plan to incrementely improve the systems once the IXEG/MU2 are ported to V12 in their current forms.  As usual, I've added this to my tracking list.  

Though it seems quiet here, I'm rolling full steam on XP still...the Moo just has to wait for its rotation across my desktop :)  


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