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Waypoints not populating


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Unfortunately currently X-Plane does not expose the approach segment of the flight plan via API. We have a request in, and have had good discussions with them, about adding this capability during the XP12 run, but it isn't possible currently. The rest of the flight plan should show (Departure, Enroute, Arrival), it is just approaches that don't. 


A bit more detail, per the product page:


Note: The default GNS 530/430 avionics do not expose approach waypoint information. SIDs, STARs, and enroute flight
        plans will show up on the G500 map and flight plan page, but approaches will not, due to this Laminar Research
        limitation. If this changes, we will integrate full waypoint drawing. This does not affect the HSI for flying approaches, just
        the depiction onthe map. RealityXP avionics (GTN 750/650 and GNS 530/430) are fully integrated show waypoints from all
        phases of flight without issue.


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