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Read carefully as to not misunderstand my issue

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First off I am a RW-piIot with plenty of hours under my belt, you might be too quick to offer a real world solution to something that might just be a computer hardware issue.

Secondly, I just bought the IXEG 737, and I absolutely love it. Awesome add-on!

And then to my issue:

Whenever I start up XP11 and the IXEG, it works flawlessly. It starts up at my gate, I do the preflight, the checklists, and I take off. I enjoy my flight and then I land at my destination. No problem!

Then, I taxi in, shut the aircraft down and do the turn-around. If I decide to stop it here, and quit X-plane and restart later, I will NOT have ANY problems or issues at all.

The PROBLEM and ISSUE comes when I decide to continue for a second cycle without any restart of XP11 or the IXEG 737:

The take off warning config horn WILL sound on my second cycle take off, REGARDLESS of my airplane condition: Flap 1 or 5 set, speedbrakes NOT armed (fully down), NO parking brake and trim IS in the green band.

I have Honeycomb throttle hardware, and I have started to suspect that this might be the issue, but IDK. Very strange how this happens on EVERY second cycle without fail. ( and I have flown it for hours already, and this happens every single time).

Thank you for helping out! Greatly appreciated!

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Hi and thanks for the kind words!

I suspect - and this is just a hunch - that the speedbrake does not registers as "completely down", or the flaps are not "exactly" in 1 or 5 - this sometimes happens with hardware "axis" assigned to those functions, instead of buttons or keyboard presses.

To "test" this you could a.) display the values for flaps and spoilers using the "data out" function - it will show you the exact values for those flight controls in green numbers on screeen and/or b.) unassign thoses axis (temporarily) in the setup of your Honeycomb hardware and operate those controls with buttons or key presses (or the mouse in the virtual cockpit) and see if that makes a difference?

Another thing to test is pushing the thrust levers forward really quick during taxi-out before your second take-off - just to test for the takeoff warning - it beats finding out about the problem earlier than in the middle of your take-off run ;-)

Let me know how that works?

Cheers, Jan


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On 10/15/2022 at 12:39 PM, Litjan said:

I suspect - and this is just a hunch - that the speedbrake does not registers as "completely down" ...

IXEG733 has a problem (bug) with resetting the parameter:
"sim / flightmodel2 / controls / speedbrake_ratio"
even with the Speedbrake lever fully retracted.

It is also very annoying when using the XPRealistic add-on - if onces you use the speedbrake, the cockpit will never stop shaking again ;-)

My simple and tiny lua script eliminates this inconvenience:



I think it will also solve HeliMaf's problem

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Right! Indeed it was the Honeycomb yoke that was the culprit.

I have tweaked it for use with the Zibo, so I`ll just be using my mouse instead.

Again Jan, this is an incredible aircraft! I have never held a 737-typerating, but during tech-courses I sat quite a lot in its cockpit in both seats (during flight mechanics training), and had many jump seat rides on it, and you nailed the feeling of really being there, the geometry of the cockpit and so forth. Systemwise as well, great plane.  Ive already flown about 30 hours in it.

So much fun!

I really hope you one day get to do the 4/500 and QC variants. That would have been fantastic!

And I would happily pay for it all:-)

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Thanks for the nice feedback and the solution to your problem!

The 737 classic is the plane I enjoyed flying the most, and I hope it shows in our simulation...although all the credit of bringing it to life in the virtual world goes to Nils and Tom - they are the true artists behind this project.

I use the speedbrake in our simulation exclusively with the X-Plane commands for "Speedbrake - extract one and Speedbrake extend one". This gives you perfect control over all the necessary steps of movement (down, armed, flight extent, full extent).

Cheers, Jan


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