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Feature request: replicate roll trim indicator somewhere in the pilot's FOV

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I'm aware this would break with how the aircraft is in reality, but for simmers not using VR it's impossible to quickly glance down at the roll trim indicator without losing situational awareness. The time it takes to pan the camera down, adjust trim and look back, is usually sufficient to have gone off course when hand-flying, and/or even banking to 45° and more.

Having the little wing position indicator replicated somewhere in the pilot's FOV on the instrument panel would immensely help trimming the aircraft. I have no problems with rudder and elevator trim, but a wrong (even a neutral) roll trim setting can nearly flip you over at low speeds and high power setting.

That being said, if someone has a technique how to deal with that in sim (with a non-force-feedback yoke), I'd love to hear how it could be done without referring to the indicator.

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I think this idea could be useful, even a need. As Daemotron said if you are about to land with a wrong roll trim you are in trouble.

Maybe a command that can make the roll trim indicator appear in the screen like a ghost instrument... and an option to automatically show and then disappear if you change the trim.

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So i'm just now starting to dabble with OpenGL overlays.  Its always been somone else's job on my teams.  I'll start with the ghost Throttle graphic similar to IXEG/TBM...and then can progress to more helpful indicators also.  Such graphics will always prove helpful in the development of the GUIs...allowing that to evolve as well.


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