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Hands down the best GA aircraft I have in X-plane


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TorqueSim team.

I just wanted to compliment you on both the SR20 and SR22 models. I purchased the SR20 Entegra and SR22 G1000 models and pretty much haven't flown anything else in the sim since.

The level of detail is astounding. (Down to even putting the ox pressure gauge in the back of the luggage compartment... who would even notice that!! lol)

Is there a plan to create the SR22T? I would love to complete the set, and the SR22T is by far the biggest seller for Cirrus over the last few years. (Nearly double compared to the SR22 each year, for the last few years.)  I would love to get my hands on that.

Again, well done, and thank you for creating such a great simulation.


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  • JohnD changed the title to Hands down the best GA aircraft I have in X-plane
20 hours ago, jjdsyd said:

What about a G6 version? And, is the lack of holds in the Perspective an XPlane limitation? Thanks. 

Yes, the G1000 is using the X-Plane G1000 with modifications with has its differences. We are looking into options to do a P+ system down the road, if we find suitable options, we will look into doing G6 options.

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