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  1. @Coop - thanks for the super quick answer. I guessed that was the case.
  2. A quick question. Am I correct that the Stability Augmentation settings under the joystick control within x-plane should be set to zero when using the SR20/22's from Torquesim? Thanks in advance, John
  3. Is there any way to pop out the autopilot panel not he G1000 in the same way that the DFC90 in the Entegra can? I can't seem to find a click spot. Thanks John
  4. TorqueSim team. I just wanted to compliment you on both the SR20 and SR22 models. I purchased the SR20 Entegra and SR22 G1000 models and pretty much haven't flown anything else in the sim since. The level of detail is astounding. (Down to even putting the ox pressure gauge in the back of the luggage compartment... who would even notice that!! lol) Is there a plan to create the SR22T? I would love to complete the set, and the SR22T is by far the biggest seller for Cirrus over the last few years. (Nearly double compared to the SR22 each year, for the last few years.) I would love to get my hands on that. Again, well done, and thank you for creating such a great simulation.
  5. hi Coop. I have PM'd you the log.txt file. The SR20 Entegra is version 1.1.0 I have removed and reinstalled, with the same effects. thanks John
  6. Thanks for the quick response Coop. A little more info. Yes, I am exclusively using the custom weight and balance manager from the SR20 menu on the title bar (or alternatively accessing it from the small icon on the left of the screen) When opening it shows fuel at 100%. If I select “fill to tabs”, it remains at 100%. If I manually reduce the fuel to a low number (say, 3 lbs in each tank) and select “fill to tabs” it goes to 100%. (On the SR22 it does not do this, and operates as expected) Is there a local config file for the SR20 that I can delete to force a reset of the plane? Thanks again for creating such an great product. John
  7. I just purchased both the SR20 Entegra and the SR22 G1000. Having a blast, they are excellent. I am having one issue with the SR20 in that loading up the aircraft always gives 100% full fuel state. Switches etc remain where I left them, its just the fuel is always full at the start of a flight. Comparing it to the SR22 G1000, this restores the fuel load out when reloading the aircraft. Any ideas for what I can try? I absolutely love both aircraft and enjoying them greatly. It probably will not be long before I complete the set and get the rest. Thanks John Note: Just to be clear, the fuel doesnt stay at 100%, it is just reset back to 100% whenever I load the aircraft, regardless of how little fuel was left in it.
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