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[2731 Feature Request] Dataref request


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Is it possible to add a dataref that provides the fadec's active mode in a future update?
I have been using the fo_state ats N1 TO as a trigger, but there is no equivalent to that for TO FLX and hijacking a CDU to pull thrust ref data is a little more complicated now its two pages. Could make a good 20 lines of code redundant for me if there was a dataref for this.



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Sorry, should have added not specifically for hardware, just figured this was most appropriate to request datarefs in given they use scripts too.
It's for a virtual FO script, it uses the engine mode as a trigger to prime takeoff functions, and in this case as it being an appropriate time to force CDU 3 into the TO ref page so it can engage climb thrust. In the other aircraft I've done this for there has been a dataref for the eng mode and target thrust so its a simple if statement. For this one that fo-state ref was working.. until flex turned up :)
I have a very inelegant way at the moment courtesy of the CDU screen lines being datarefs, I can take and truncate those to work out what mode is active, but its quite messy and a bit troublesome now thrust ref has 2 pages.

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