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Checklist hiccup at N1 TGT


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When performing the "IN RANGE CHECKLIST", the FO asks for N1 TGT. I set it to TO and the F/O correctly acknowledges it as "SET", however the checklist selector box on the MFD disappears and he does not advance automatically to the next item.

When clicking the button to advance the checklist, the checklist selector box reappears and he continues the checklist normally.

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36 minutes ago, Pils said:

Please add screenshots.


Quite an old build but the behaviour is the same. You can see that after N1 TGT item, the box outlining the checklist item disappears and the checklist does not continue. When pressing the key to resume the checklist, the "box" appears again.


From my POV there are 2 bugs here: 

  • Checklist not continuing after F/O correctly replied;
  • The "box" disappearing.
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