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Gizmo incompatibility?


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I have been having a problem where the G1000 and engine shuts down a few seconds into flight, or will never start up if I start the plane "cold and dark".

I've heard that this is most often due to Gizmo versions being out of sync.. I have nearly every X-Aviation plane - is that causing a problem?

If so - how do I ensure that the CRJ has the proper version (I assume, the newest) - while the Corvallis has it's own older version and that they don't collide?

If it helps, I used the installers for the installs and I've tried reinstalling everything. I'm pretty sure I'm running a new version of Gizmo - I have the little "drawer" over on the right side of the screen.

Any tips would be great :(

I can post logs if it'd help.


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All X-Aviation products use the same version of Gizmo. The Corvalis, Falco, CRJ-200, etc...it's all the same.

The only stipulation here is that you must be running version 1.3 of the Corvalis (the latest update) in order for all of these products to co-exist together.

If you'd like to post your log.txt file I may be able to help further. Please ensure that the log you post is after you've opened the C400 in sim.

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So, of course - and I apologize for this - it's not doing it now. Every time I had flown the plane previous to this test flight it would shut down and "black out"... but not now.

When it does it again, I'll post the logs. I haven't changed anything.. maybe it likes flying around in thunderstorms? I've never flown it in weather like that before.. hah

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