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Take Command! Hot Start Challenger 650 v1.1.0 Update Released!


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Hello All,

This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.1.0 update for the CL650. All customers who have purchased the CL650 up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the CL650 from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.1.0 for you.

IMPORTANT! Some customers have experienced performance issues where FPS in sim got very low or unflyable. If this has happened to you, please read the following on how to handle the situation:



NOTE: This update brings the simulation of gear pins and probe covers. Be sure to conduct a proper pre-flight check of the aircraft to avoid issues with retracting the gear or air data. For more information, please watch the following videos:





What if I didn't get the update e-mail?

If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do:

1. Login to your X-Aviation account here:  https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php
2. Find your original Challenger 650 download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version!

The following is a list of additions/fixes included:
What's New / Changed:


New Features:

  • 2264: Added oxygen refill feature
  • 2263: Added oxygen service gauge
  • 2266: Implemented fire extinguisher bottle servicing
  • 2334: Implemented replay support of doors and switches
  • 2339: Implemented animating chocks during replay
  • 2375: Implemented gear pins
  • 2375: Added physically simulated probe cover flags
  • 2393: Added downscaled texture version for GPUs with less VRAM
  • 2404: Added a new hint window at the top of the screen to help with potentially missing preflight
  • 2418: Added and animated window shades with drag manipulators



  • 2383: Included training scenarios document in release documentation package
  • 2384: Updated "Expanded Normal Procedures" and "Operations Reference" docs with latest copies from Graeme
  • 2385: Engine start checklist hint image needs to instruct pilot to push boost pumps back in before starting left engine
  • 2386: Flight compartment checklist hint image 42 needs to mention combined IGNITION message, not two separate ones
  • 2387: Flight compartment checklist hint image 66 needs to mention ATS and NAV arming
  • 2388: Auto-install stock failure scenarios into Output/Failure Scenarios



  • 2239: Setting landing lights to on should also turn on the taxi lights
  • 2240: Don't allow manipulating probe covers mid-flight
  • 2242: Ice detector wasn't taking its cover into account in determining ice accumulation
  • 2252: Truck hoses and cables weren't showing up in sim
  • 2249: Cabin Environment Study window, text error.
  • 2245: Ground elec power access panel sometimes didn't close when removing ground AC power
  • 2255: Activating a new SID in the air can crash if the departure waypoint is an airport and has the DIR-TO-FROM flag set
  • 2259: ASU hose wouldn't disconnect if the ASU was shut down and the airplane moved
  • 2260: AFCS VS PID needs to respond a bit more slowly, to avoid overshooting the VS target
  • 2261: Airframe manager was reporting spurious distances when reloading a nearby state
  • 2269: FL alert must avoid triggering if a baro switch causes a bump-up in altitude
  • 2273: Do not exclude non-IFR airports out of the airport database
  • 2281: FMC aiport database shouldn't exclude airports with only grass runways
  • 2284: Airportdb could crash if it encounters an airport with no name
  • 2285: Typo on refuel-defuel study window labeled left main tank as right main
  • 2287: HOLD page FIX ETA line should be populated any time we have an ETA to the waypoint
  • 2288: PAX DOOR STOW should show when T-handle isn't stowed, not when T-handle cover is left open
  • 2293: IRS units fail crossing antemeridian / international date line
  • 2304: TSS isn't resetting X-TCAS output ops resulting use-after-free crash during soft reload on boot
  • 2312: Crash due to phys lock assertion fail
  • 2316: When an airport is part of an FMS flight plan or simbrief route, the route parse will fail
  • 2317: Regmark object needs to be separate with Outside lighting mode to allow the logo light to illuminate it
  • 2318: Bus short circuit failures weren't working
  • 2322: Wind component indication on MFD DATA NAV STATUS page was reversed from actual components
  • 2330: Need to control X-Plane default light datarefs to get the beacons to show spills in sim
  • 2328: CDU LW =/= MFD LW
  • 2291: CBP-4 No animation on line C
  • 2333: Entering a distant waypoint into final descent could crash due to bad altitude computation
  • 2340: ALT hold function shouldn't be affected by baro setting changes
  • 2344: SPKR volume button on ACP isn't lighting up when pushed in
  • 2345: FAA charts provider didn't work on Windows due to CA list not being configured
  • 2338: Crash when entering FBO: assertion "mgr->filenames[active] != ((void *)0)" failed:
  • 2305: Crash after deleting a standalone HOLD at the end of a procedure
  • 2342: Crash during datalink upload of flight plan. Crash occurs in error reporting code
  • 2336: DEP/ARR crash
  • 2325: BRT and OFF labels are in the wrong positions on lighting controls
  • 2313: Entering excessively low ISA deviation on PERF INIT page will crash due to negative fuel burn
  • 2314: Nose light spill missing
  • 2354: Don't lock out 112.00 MHz, it's VHF channel 57X
  • 2352: ISI is still prone to "toppling"
  • 2359: Refueler should also be using US gallons in US territories outside of the contiguous States
  • 2360: Takeoff and landing computer should round weights to nearest 100s to avoid non-obvious VSPEEDS DISAGREE
  • 2361: Automatic transition from ALTS CAP or ALTV to ALT captures the wrong altitude
  • 2358: NRST APTS page crashes when it encounters a non-ICAO airport
  • 2364: LNAV might turn the wrong way on a course or heading intercept leg
  • 2366: N1 split or overspeed should put ATS in DISENG'D, not FAIL
  • 2376: Duplicate dataref registration in abus wire is causing a crash when datarefs are accessed in DRE
  • 2380: APU hobbs isn't set on initial load if the APU ECU is powered down
  • 2381: Using default X-Plane checklist command binding crashes
  • 2394: If IAPS breaker pops due to FCC overload, it can enter an inescapable excessive power-draw-reset state
  • 2395: FMS elevation should be using GPS HYB INS elevation so LPV approaches work correctly with misset altimeter
  • 2398: AC UTIL BUS 2 was labeled as "UTIL BUS 1" on AC synoptic page
  • 2400: Operating the T-handle shouldn't be possible while the locking handle is up
  • 2349: CTD when starting new flight.
  • 2401: libswitch can crash on init if replay worker thread isn't initialized before first floop call
  • 2367: Modifying SEC LEGS causes crash when PRI has legs
  • 2410: FREQ CONV breaker was permanently popped out and couldn't be manipulated
  • 2411: Hidden not-yet-functional oxygen flow indicator on cockpit oxygen mask panel
  • 2412: Reanimated main door curtain to avoid clipping through its cover door
  • 2413: Left ACP integral lighting was non-functional
  • 2414: Closed up holes around control columns on cockpit floor
  • 2415: Fixed animations for right side ADF1 and 2. Fixed VHF3 on left side
  • 2416: Added PA selection on ACPs
  • 2417: Removed extraneous latch from lavatory door
  • 2419: Re-animated misaligned rudder pedal on Pilots side
  • 2421: Fixed manipulator not animating for door pull-up assist handle
  • 2424: Fixed white halo around text on cabin side panels



  • 397: Missing cabin speaker chime for SEAT BELT and NO SMOKING signs.
  • 2244: Engine start hand signal should check for the presence of probe covers
  • 2253: Write back to X-Plane to override windshield icing datarefs to prevent spurious windshield icing
  • 2251: Ship a default outdated GPS almanac for people who are in geo-blocked countries and cannot fetch new almanacs
  • 2256: Fueler should knock if he's trying to get in but the door is closed
  • 2258: Added rudimentary XP systems bridge to force avionics_on and avoid network client sound issues
  • 2262: Increased ground effect a smidge to match closer to real life landing attitude
  • 2265: Yokes need to be upscaled by 15%
  • 2271: Sync up X-Plane barometer setting to ours, so Vatsim clients like xPilot report correct baro altitude
  • 2270: After detecting online flight, don't revert to temperate effects until landing
  • 2275: Disable checking the weight-on-wheels flag in X-Plane TCAS data as libxpmp doesn't set it right
  • 2294: TEMP COMP should default to OFF on a new airframe
  • 2319: Increased the size of the beacon spill to 4m
  • 2341: Need PA position on ACP mic selector
  • 2343: Added support for simbrief PBD waypoint specifications in XP11 flight plans
  • 2346: Regmark appareance editor needs an option to hide the automatic regmark for custom painted ones
  • 2348: Tires take too long to spin down on their own
  • 2357: Write back engine running status into X-Plane ENGN_running dataref
  • 2382: Implemented CAS takeoff and landing inhibits
  • 2390: Drop AFD and HUD drawing priority to low on Windows to help prioritize X-Plane on overloaded CPUs
  • 2391: Apply texture downscaling to objects that got missed in authoring
  • 2399: Implemented remaining fuel on NRST APTS page
  • 2402: Prevent parking brake from being selected without first pressing down the pedal brakes
  • 2405: Surrounded cockpit and cabin in null manipulator to prevent clicking through to exterior manipulators and vice versa
  • 2406: Made all manipulators on exterior panels simple click toggles instead of drag
  • 2407: Hide main door pop-out clickspot when the outer door handle is rotated
  • 2420: Added black areas behind external service panels when the door is closed to prevent light shining through
  • 2422: Fixed Wood texture having excessive grain and increased glossiness
  • 2423: Added current customs sticker
  • 2425: Added animated door locking indicator next to T-handle

Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.

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