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Reserve value [ PERF 3/3]


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Hello gents,


I was wondering what value you should put in the reserve value in PERF menu page 3?

Because it seems to be different from airliners like A320/737.. where RSV = Final RSV + ALTN. In the chalenger, the Reserve seems to be the reserve needed after diverting to ATLN so that means we shiould only enter the final reserve value ? Each time i have Check ATLN Reserve message when enterting Final RSV + ATLN in the reserve field 

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When I make a flightplan with a alternate airport, I enter CONT + FINAL RES on the reserves. Since the FMS is calculating the fuel needed for the alternate. But be aware that the fuel FMS calculate can be different from what simbreif says you need.

If I dont enter a alternate airport in the flightplan, I enter CONT + FINAL RES + ALTN.

That is what im doing.


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On 1/17/2022 at 10:41 AM, IMatAMS said:

I had the same yesterday, filled it with Alt+Finres as usual in the 737, and it started moaning at me for below reserve fuel at Alternate. changed the reserve to Finres only, and that seemed to work OK, but not sure if that is SOP.



i think so if you put press on the MFD data on the FMS, you will see that in the challenger, the reserve fuel is the reserve fuel AFTER diverting to the alternate so i'm almost sure you need to enter just the final reserve which is around 400kgs for the cl600. so now in the default fms setting, i put 400kg as reserve

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