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FD bars dissapearing

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So I was on my approach mode when at around 1500ft, I disconnected the autopilot. I noticed that on disconnecting the AP, the FD bars also dissapeared. Usually i follow the FD commands until about 500ft beyond which i follow the PAPI. Is the FD bars also supposed to disconnect when we disconnect AP?



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If youi disconnect the autopilot the correct way (by toggling the AP disconnect button on the yoke) the FD bars will remain on. If you toggle the autopilot off by using the autopilot disconnect bar (like a lot of simulation pilots do erroneously) you remove power from the FCCs (flight control computers) and this will also turn off the flight-directors. This bar is only to be used in emergencies, like when other ways to disconnect the autopilot fail.

Alternatively you can also use the autopilot engage/disengage buttons to disconnect the autopilot (or move the yoke over the limit, but this is really just another emergency way to do it).


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thanks for the response sir. So I was doing that wrong then.

So how can i disable autopilot? by just clicking the CMD button again it will disconnect? Suppose i dont want to use the button on the yoke since its difficult to see it...how else can i disconnect so that FD bars remain? By just clicking CMD button once again?

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2 hours ago, coolgovind180 said:

By just clicking CMD button once again?

That will work! (But you must then click the red flashing P/RST button with the mouse as well to silence the warning).

Even better is to assign a joystick button to "AP disconnect" (I have to check the exact name of the command when I get home). You can click that twice (first to disconnect the AP, then to silence the warning).

Cheers, Jan


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