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Flickering GNS430s on the Avidyne Entegras

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On an iMac. 

When I pop out either GPS to 2D, the two screens in the console 430s start flickering or flashing - sometimes a lot, sometimes occasionally.  The Avidyne screens are fine, and nothing else in the cockpit is wrong.   It happens in all four variations of the SR22 and both of the SR20s

I also get the occasional CTD when opening any of the Cirruses from another plane, but not when starting from fresh - but that happened also on the G1000 versions.

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I'm guessing this is probably behind the same issue that LR has been working on for months with AMD GPUs, it is worse on Windows machines, but happens with the Apple AMD drivers for some AMD GPUs on Macs. Can you send your log.txt?

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I don't think I have another developer's plane doing this.  I don't remember seeing it before.  It doesn't happen with your Mooneys or the Islander either.

Anyway, I have the 2020 iMac with the AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB.  

Sent log.txt by PM.  Then, again, to your own support system!

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