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19 hours ago, GeneralMav24 said:

Hello, Ive been recently playing around with the presets and ive noticed all except SkyMaxx Hosek-Wilkie Sky Model have no sun or moon, is this a bug or intentional?

It’s intentional, the Hosek-Wilkie model uses its own sun and moon and we upload a transparent file to hide the x-plane default....

If you change sky colors you will need to restart X-Plane....

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Yes, after restarting the sun should come back. if it didn't it means something went wrong while moving the sun and moon textures around. You may need to re-run the X-Plane installer to repair the missing files in this case.

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Hm, things must be in a worse state than I thought. Try this:

- Set SkyMaxx Pro to "default" and quit X-Plane.

- Remove everything in the Resources/plugins/SilverLining/skyColors/Default Sky Colors folder (if anything)

- Run the X-Plane installer to repair the installation again.

That *should* get everything back to normal, unless there is some weird disk permission or disk corruption issue going on with your system.

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