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I am using IXEG 737 with default atc

However the atc volume is abusrdly loud. I have to tune down the "Radios" volume a lot in the xplane settings, nearly to zero

And I could not adjust the volume through the audio control panel either

I see that this is not a reported problem. Any fixes?

Thanks very much

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Same here! The ATC volume with IXEG 733 is about 10 times louder than usual. It sounds about normal when set to 10% in the settings. I wonder if somebody has a solution for that cause now I have to change "Radios" sound settings everytime I switch to another plane.


(It's not that I like any other plane more than IXEG though...) :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the report - iirc we adjusted radio volume (especially the navaid-morse ident) to be more audible, it was very quiet in the early versions. It is possible that we have overdone this. I filed a bug report to adjust the volume a bit down.

Cheers, Jan


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Thanks, Jan! It seems to be the reason cause I noticed that the morse ident sounds pretty loud too! Also, when I tune down the "Radios" level, I can barely hear the communication with "Better pushback" plugin, so those both issues obviously may be connected.


Looking forward for the upcoming fix! :)

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