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  1. Thanks, Jan! It seems to be the reason cause I noticed that the morse ident sounds pretty loud too! Also, when I tune down the "Radios" level, I can barely hear the communication with "Better pushback" plugin, so those both issues obviously may be connected. Looking forward for the upcoming fix!
  2. Same here! The ATC volume with IXEG 733 is about 10 times louder than usual. It sounds about normal when set to 10% in the settings. I wonder if somebody has a solution for that cause now I have to change "Radios" sound settings everytime I switch to another plane. (It's not that I like any other plane more than IXEG though...)
  3. Strangely enough, the issue had nothing to do with anti-aliasing, changing the texture quality was the key. After reinstalling both the drivers and the addon, and two hours of messing around with settings, I noticed that changing textures to MAX resolves the issue. I didn't notice it at first because it takes couple seconds before the changes are applied in the game. So, that's the solution, I guess. It seems that at some point I switched my settings from max to high for some reason and that caused the artefacts. Still no idea why changing texture quality decimates the resolution of the whole
  4. Greetings! My cockpit looks weird in some places, I think it's the problem with shading, I mean the cockpit is supposed to look smooth but instead there's polygons sticking out. Not sure what's the reason, any advice would be highly appreciated! I have this artefact both on OpenGL and Vulkan, the in-game effects set to high (HDR on), everything else looks normal except those spots around the overhead lamps and some other places in the very cockpit. P.S. IXEG 733 is my fav addon, great work, guys!
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