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Repeated CTDs using Air Manager


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Hi all,

Has anyone successfully used Air Manager with the IXEG 737-300/400?


I have a fixed-base sim pit and therefore want to show instruments on a different PC - my main FS PC struggles enough in any case, so having a separate PC for instruments helps share the load.


I have successfully used Air Manager with X-Plane 11 for some months now, with the default Baron, Cessna 208 and the ZiboMod 738. I want to use it with the 733/4 but am having repeated CTDs. I've tried to isolate the isue but it seems to vary. When i flick a switch in my cockpit I get a CTD. But it may be a switch attached to an Arduino, or a joystick card etc. it varies.

Before I start taking things apart too much I thought I'd just ask the question - anyone using Air Manager?







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Update. Suspecting that the game controller interface in Air Manager, being relatively new, was the culprit, I have moved all inputs and outputs to Arduino cards - unfortunately the problem still exists - sudden CTD after a short freeze, triggered by different inuts each time.


Shame. All the other a/c I use with Air manager are stable. Default Baron, C208, Cessna 172, ZiboMod 738 - never had an issue at all with any of them.

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