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DC-3 Development Update 7: Navigation Equipment


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It has been a while since the last update, so let's see another system; the navigation equipment of our DC-3.

 Since this is a vintage bird, you should not expect less than vintage navigation equipment, and this is what you'll get. The aircraft has 4 navigation radios located in the middle of the overhead area. There are 2 VHF NAV radios (VOR) and 2 ADF radios.



On the Captain's panel are installed two DME counters for VOR1 and VOR2, one Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI) with #1 needle (green) showing the NDB station tuned into ADF1 radio, and the #2 needle the VOR1 station. Also, there is an ILS indicator which source is the VHF NAV1 radio. It will show deviation only if the source radio is tuned into an ILS frequency, and Localizer and/or Glideslope signal is received. The localizer deviation is displayed automatically, and there is no option to set course, like in a course indicator.



Over the First Officer's side, there are also the same two DME counters, and one RMI with needles for ADF2 radio  (green) and VOR2 (white).



This is the standard navigation equipment of the aircraft, and as you see it is typical of DC-3 era. But we know and understand that some pilots might need a bit more "info" available in the cockpit. For that reason, we've added a couple options for you!

Starting with a tablet to display the Avitab plugin. You'll be able to show the tablet when you like through DC-3's GUI, as well tilt and turn it to your preference. You can also select a GPS if you like! Will talk about this below!



The option to have a GPS on the panel, is for pilots who want to have a better situation awareness, from that they can have using only the standard instruments. Must be noted here that the GPS is only advisory. Not coupled in any way with the autopilot, and not meant to be used for flying RNAV approaches! You can load a flight plan or approach, but you have either hand fly it, or use the autopilot to follow the flight plan line. Use the GPS as a moving map.

There are 3 options. First, go vintage and do not use GPS at all! Second is the GNS 430, either X-Plane's default or Reality-XP 430, if you have it. The third is the Reality-XP GTN 650. In the last two options, the FO's VOR1 DME indication goes away. In the case of the use one of the GPSs, the #1 VHF COMM and VHF NAV radio controls will become inoperative and will be controlled via the GPSs.



That's for now! Stay tuned for more...soon!

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39 minutes ago, Debowing said:

Hi I just purchased V2 and although I try, there is no way to engage the autopilot either in classic or modern variants.

For the Classic: Check that the Automatic Pilot Mode selection is not empty. https://airfightergr.github.io/les_dc3_docs/gui/#panel-state-options

For the Modern: You have to press and hold the AP button, on the KAP-140 Autopilot, for at least 0.25 seconds.

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